Sunday, 28 November 2010

Dance The Night Away.

-Blouse-Topshop, Jeans-Primark, Shoes-JonesTheBootMakers, Clutch/Necklace-Vintage, Jewellery-Thrift/GiftEtc.
Other photos-via Weheartit.

Apologies etc,
The past few days have been mainly taken up by work, college and all that, soo.
Anyways, I went to see the dance show of the performance school I go to last night. It was really good, and everyone did really well! Reminded me of when I was in them, I still miss it if I'm honest. I had to give up dance due to a pair of sorta rubbishy knees, but that's another story...

Anyway, I bought this blouse a good few weeks ago, but haven't had the chance to wear it yet, so took the opportunity gladly:)
I fell in love with it when I saw it in the shop, but when I came around to buy, they only had it in maternity left. After some detective work, I figured that the only difference was that the buttons down the back were in a different place, for a baby tummy. So, it was time for some sewing skills to come about, and I bought it changed the buttons round and there ya goo.
The pattern is rather lovely I think.



  1. really lovely top! looks great on you! :)

    love kerry

  2. Great outfit! Love your top xx

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  3. That blouse looks lovely on you! Really loving the pearls and clutch as well, fab outfit my dear!


  4. I love this top, I was eyeing it up myself. x

  5. I love that top! the necklace is perfection with it <3


  6. Your top look perfect on you! Oww I think on me wouldn't look so bad.


  7. beautiful <3

    thanks for the comment :)

    Cheri x

  8. Beautiful editorial, and what a great way to wear florals! Lovely :)

  9. beautiful. i want to learn ballet!

  10. Just discovered your blog through {tig} and it's fabulous. I would love it if you stopped by mine some time, and perhaps we could follow one another.

    Andrea x

  11. Cute blouse! I wish I was talented enough to sew maternity clothes into normal ones, haha. Sometimes they have cuter things in that section than in the basic women's department.

    You're really pretty, and I love your hair cut!

  12. This blouse is beautiful ..... I fell in love with her. It is with great material and amazing pattern and texture.
    I like a handbag.
    Ballet is a wonderful and beautiful.

  13. You look lovely and your blouse is gorgeous fab buy xoxo