Tuesday, 31 August 2010

"It's just like she's in another world"...

-The Cribs, The Maccabees, The Libertines, Arcade Fire And Mystery Jets. All via Leedsfest website.

Sorry for the no posts these past days. But it was Leeds Fest a-calling and was great.

Literally like another world. The Libertines were great, everyone was. My friend Laura just said she reckons around £660 worth of music. Bargain!

Photos to come shortly, although I will have to get them developed! Trusting myself with the digital wasn't a good idea!


Monday, 23 August 2010

Festival Fever!

Yes! Despite the fact my ticket only got dispatched today(!) and I myself will be dispatching(?) off to Leeds on Wednesday, heyho, I cannot wait!
Containing my excitement is one thing. Praying for sun is another. Besides the rain me and Laura experimented putting our tent up, In my conservatory. Bracing the rain again after battling against it to buy our supplies of quick cook pasta and cup a soups, (our five day survival guide) did not seem the most pleasing aspect. A four man tent, to sleep five, ambitious, but hey, I have a lilo to sleep on:)

-Photos via weheartit.


Saturday, 21 August 2010

Beautiful Finds.

My fashion show finds:) All vintage from various stalls. I was in love.

Another day at work -jumper, H&M -Belt, Zara -Black wedges, New Look -Ring H&M -Necklace, French market.

Little leeds trip -New jumper(above), H&M
-Scarf & Necklace, Thrifted.

Some mighty beautiful finds:)


Fashion Beauty.

The fashion show was great. Had a really good time, managed to pick up a few bits, I'll post pictures sometime of my goodies:)
All the designers and collections shown were really inspiring, and made me realise how much I would love a part of something!
Here's a few photos, sorry about the bright lights(although those will be going in my art!)

More pictures on my facebook, (Nicola Stephens) if you wish:) 

Pre show/results. -Denim shorts & scarf, vintage -Top(mens and cut DIY!), bag & waistcoat thing, Primark -Boots, Topshop

After the show, -trousers, belt & vest, Zara -Bag, Topshop -Scarf(on bag) & bracelet, Vintage -Shoes, Primark.

Oh and PS, I got my results, quite chuffed/suprised, yet still a lot of work to do next year to get on the course I want at uni!
Art - B
Textiles - C
Drama - C
English Language - B


Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The Dreads and Delights of Tomorrow.

So tomorrow is the day I get my AS results, and although the anticipation of this isn't so good, it is pretty diminished by the happenings of tomorrow night. I am going to an end of summer fashion show in Leeds with my friend, and cannot wait! There are quite a few people showing, I will try to get some good photos! http://www.endofsummerfashionshow.co.uk/

-Poster for tomorrow.
-1-3, A fashion show I took part in.
-4-6 photographs from other fashion shows, Prada, Chanel and Marc Jacobs


Jewellery, Gifts & Vogue, oh my.

-Dress, Thrifted -Cardi, Primark -Espadrilles, Schuh -Belt, Zara.

-Portuguese Vogue and my new ring!
-Necklace, French market.

It is fair to say my collections of vogue are growing. I have several British, I also class them as research and inspirations for my work, plus hey, who can resist? I bought a French version from my recent travels, also for my friend Laura, and today when we met after her jollies, I have acquired a Portuguese version! I love too many things.
Also my new ring, another gift from a market in Portugal, really great:)

A simple nothingness day, started project work at last! As part of my research I am looking at "the evolution of fashion" so to follow this through, I am going to post various points and finds as I go.


Monday, 16 August 2010

Simplicity at it's Best.

On our walk, Above -Dress and sunnies, Primark -Bag and belt, vintage -Shoes RI.
Below -Andy, and some sunnies found on our travels :)

As I took my camera along with me, I tried to take some photos to go towards my new projects. I am trying to capture various forms of light for one, and ddelicacy of some structures for another. Hence the spider web, I am not a fan.

Today, squinting(actually squinting!) from the sunlight -shorts, DP -Vest, Zara

These past couple of days have been sunshine glorious-ness at the best. Considering West Yorkshire and all that.
Yesterday me and my friend Andy went for a walk to soak up the sun instead of 'hitting the gym,' although ending up at a barbeque does kind of defeat that objective, it was great. I honestly felt I was down south with my family who live in Essex, the peaceful area, sunshine, total relaxation.
Today consisted of lazing in the garden, homemade ice lollies and general nothingness, which in my opinion is a simple, yet great life.


Sunday, 15 August 2010

A head start.

-Photos via Fashiongonerogue.

Flicking through old family photos, my mom found several of me in various hats, hairbands, and one making me look like a house wife from the 50's, it turns I was always a fan of these accessories. Which coincidentally may be why I'm not a hat fan now, I wore them out. Literally(!)
These great new photos show how much variety there is to complete an outfit, small and delicate, or a touch of sparkle. Although things may modernise, lets face it, accessories will remain classic.