Monday, 28 February 2011

Suede Dresses & Turquoise Rings.

-Faux Suede Dress/Turquoise Ring-H&M, Scarf-Zara, Necklace-Thrift, Sheoboots-JonesTheBootmaker.
-Others via Google.

So I stumbled across this lovely, yet simple dress on my travels, and fell instantly. Having another dress from H&M in my bag all ready to return, (Sadly it just didn't suit,) I didn't have to actually buy it(?) A  quick exchange made sure of no guilt handing over my bank card. These photos are actually from last Friday, a night in with the usuals, eating lemon cake and wine.
The ring is a bonus to this outfit, and adds a lovely flash of colour, just a hint of Spring on the way sort of.

I don't have anything particular to report from this day, me and friend Poppy spent an English hour  talking art/fashion/uni/college choices, our ability of indecisiveness in such choices, Vogue and the galaxy collection from Mr Christopher Kane. A very lovely printed, sheer, leather mixture in which sadly cannae afford, but will continually love. Alexa Chung wore one of my favourite pieces for the NME awards the other week. Oh to have around £900 spare..


Sunday, 27 February 2011

Minimal + Animal.

-Jacket/Top/Necklace-Thrifted, Kimono-F&F, Skirt/Belt-Zara, Boots/Earrings-UO.

On the balancing scales of Minimalism verses Maximalism, I have always seemed to sway the minimalist way. (No cheese intended there.)

I love the simple designs, yet concentrated views of the fabrics, structures and shapes. Adding interest through elements such as stitching, or buckles in this case, each still seems new and unique.
Which is why I love MaxMara's new collection. Although autumn-winter 2011/2012, which seems oh so far away, when I am still highly intent upon the upcoming summer, the neutral colours and complete mix of materials, textures and shapes had my eye within one click of my computer.

Slightly late on all fashion week happenings on my blog, I figured a way to show various inspirations is via my own outfits. This is actually what I wore for my interview the other day; as having a few nothingness nights with friends etc I have surprisingly stayed away from my computer for a few days. Which has also stopped me making any irrelevant purchases on ebay(!)

I had chosen a minimal look, simple blouse and skirt, yet adding my fast becoming go-to piece, the kimono over the top and feather earrings added a slightly more 'arty, colourful feel,' given the interview was at art an college.
The sun was also shining on this particular day, and a wander around Leeds after came to my advantage when I stumbled across a great purchase, which I shall post tomorrow.
Now is last minute work before starting college again after a holiday.


Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Inspire; Beautiful Yet Deadly.

"Our image is a non-spoken language, through which we communicate."

Glass dresses by Diana Dias-Leao: Dare To Wear.

Combining glass works, wire and beads with fashion, has seen this exhibition through the stages, making outcomes of dresses and corsets.

Exploring issues of the body and image such as anorexia, bulimia and self harm Diana Dias-Leao believed that such areas are related to image and lack of confidence. She also felt strongly that any person, should not feel bullied or outcast for simply not wearing accepted fashion garments.

Wearing something beautiful to feel 'in' should not be the soul reason for doing so; and by showing her work through beautiful yet deadly pieces, suggests the difference between the outside and a persons inner feelings.

Through this collection she wishes to convey the message
"Even though the image is glittering it is the person inside who is priceless."

This is the exhibition I went to see the other day in Liverpool.
I think 'beautiful yet deadly' sums this up so perfectly. Each piece was so intricately worked on it, had beautiful qualities about it, yet after reading the brief about it, it becomes clear her choice of materials and such.
I found this collection a real inspiration, and am going to link it through my own college project (once thought through more clearly) maybe exaggerating the juxtaposition even more so.

On another note,
-I have discovered Ebay is not good for my health; I believe my addiction is growing and growing. I reassure myself by "Well, at least I'm not paying the original full price". Although my 'watched' items haven't quite ended yet.
- Also I am currently adding last minute bits to my portfolio again, I have another interview tomorrow, so the 'what to wear' scenario is making another occurrence.
- Finally, I do have further plans for this little blog of mine, so stay tuned!


Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Summer Divine.

-Via FashionGoneRogue.
As we delve fully into the spring season, Australian photographer Brooke Coffey offers a story of bohemian beauty for her latest work. Starring Josefine of Elite, stylist Lindsay Grosswendt pairs lightweight billowing skirts with heavy sweaters for the languid outdoor shoot titled, These Days.

Fully aware that I am now constantly contradicting my former thoughts, around last September to be precise; I cannot wait until Spring/Summer. Once again between seasons, I lust over sheer, floaty materials, espadrilles, sunglasses and shorts, all unrestricted by piles of coats, jackets and tights. Although I love the 'layered look,' please, don't get me wrong, observing these photos, and staring out the window, I cannot help but be slightly wishful and wistful.

The carefree attitude and atmosphere is one I wish of for the summer holidays, spending last days of complete freedom until I enter the 'big wide world.'
And everyone is always happier on a sunny day.


Monday, 21 February 2011

Do You Want To Go To The Seaside?

Poncho-ClothesShow, Shirt/dress-H&M, Scarf-Zara, Wellies-Office, Coat-Fatherlings.

Today, in the name of textiles work I took a trip to Liverpool and the beach.
In Liverpool I actually went to look at a gallery, photos there posted sometime soon, and the beach, to take some snaps for my new project titled 'Surplus and Discarded Materials.' Within this I am looking at beaches, and various things one would find; shells, rope, seaweed, wire etc; taking note of all the shapes and then creating my own designs.

I cannot begin to tell you how cold it was on the coast, hence me walking around layered up complete with my dad's jacket from the car. I am too cool.
There's always something I love about the beach though; I'm not exactly sure what, but the sense of peace, space and freedom certainly add to my feelings and the atmosphere.


Saturday, 19 February 2011

Casual Comforts.

-Jacket-H&M, Skirt/Belt-Zara, Top-Topshop/gifted, Shoes-JonesTheBootMaker, Earrings-UO Other Jewellery-Various
Final two-Weheartit.

Well, you couldn't really get any more contrasting, mind changing weather this week. I know, another Brit/Yorkshire-ian talking weather but hey.
When I took these photos earlier this week, the sun was out, and I truly believed, foolishly, that it should be Spring. But today, the snow fell.
My day began by my driving teacher ringing and waking me up; you know when you first talk to someone in the morning and your voice is all croaky and absolutely cannot be bothered to move? He told me to look outside, and the famous 'white sheet' ensured my driving test to be cancelled for the third time.
I cannot begin to say how annoyed/gutted/whatever I felt.

So in the spirit of not working today, but later in the week, I had one of those great lazy days. Having broken up from college for a week; despite having a huge pile of work; the guilt of nothingness was totally unapparent. And it felt great. I've watched endless TV, internet window shopped(?) and wandered around the house listening and singing along loudly to favourite various tracks in my favourite oversized vintage cardi, drinking a million teas and coffees and catching up with friends.
Ahh the life of no money, yet a day off work, so no need to go out and endure the cold.

Happy long-awaited weekend;


Wednesday, 16 February 2011



-Trafalgar Square.

-The V&A.

-The Fashion & Textiles Museum.

-All me, except final two-Weheartit.

As last week I missed the 'inspire' post, due to being in London, this week I thought I'd share some snaps from the trip. Although only being there two days, including the lovely three hour train, we managed to fit in quite a lot, and make the most; as one must.

Upon arrival at about two on the Tuesday, we went to the V&A, which was really good, and a couple of costumes/Kylie's theatre dressing table(?) or something are photos above.
Yet turns out it wasn't my most lucky day, as they've now closed the fashion section, for a two year renovation. I'm sure it'll be great when done though.
We then hit Oxford Street, I did purchase a couple of new items(!) I had saved my wage the past weeks in anticipation, so I think that balances it slightly..
Wednesday, was of course the interview, but then we went to the Fashion and Textile Museum which was this massively bright coloured building, pretty cool really. Although I didn't take a photo, there are a couple of snaps of some of the exhibitions, the printed silk scarves and printed shoes. Also the little black dress poster was on the wall there. I kind of love it, and it's quirky style, so hey why not!
Finally, Convent Garden, some new boots, (sale, about a third of the original price!) and a general wander around.

Considering my life isn't exactly slow paced here, I love the rush of London. I feel I could live there and be happy; maybe one day!