Thursday, 31 March 2011

To Love Or To Not.

-Via WeHeartIt.

Animal print.
I have always been on edge in this particular battle. Although I can say with some meaning that I love it in these images. Leopard print has always seemed to question my taste when shopping, despite the fact that I now wear my leopard kimono thing like there's no tomorrow; proof my opinions are definitely shifting.
I find smaller flashes of print uplift an outfit more than the whole way, and I particularly love the cross on the back of the cardi above. I may even DIY. Watch this space.
Except snakeskin/print is this seasons animal du jour.
I actually recently acquired a skinny snakeskin belt; not a huge nod towards the animal print, but a nod non the less. I'm sure it shall crop up sometime soon.

I am feeling quite a lot better now, thanks for any comments before; I'm sure I shall be on fine form for my birthday. Expect photos and hopefully a new outfit! The dress I had ordered decided not to fit properly. But, all is not lost; me and friends are a-shopping in Leeds on Saturday-day, and a vintage fair happening at the same time is almost like fate.
I cannot wait!
I feel as if my lack of energy/social/chatty-ness from the whole week is about to explode.


Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Via- WeHeartIt.

A quick update due to lack of blogging etc.
I have spent the last few days off college, lounging around in my favourite jumpers and such, sleeping most of the days, drinking several cups of tea and watching favourite films like 500 days of summer.
The perfect way to relax and pass a few days one would think? Except illness and headaches added in the mix makes it a wee bit less than lovely.

Anyhoo, I am determined to be better by Saturday, as it is my birthday!

For now though, fruit tea and Sex and the City and more sleep;



Sunday, 27 March 2011

Sheer, Stripes & Dream Catchers.

-Stripe Dress-Ark, Sheer Blouse-Primark, Belt-NewLook, Pearls-Thrifted.
Others-Via WeHeartIt.

A quick Sunday post, as I feel slightly sleep deprived, especially as time has gone forward again; plus side, a sure sign of summer coming.
I have been out galavanting(?) pretty much all weekend, a girls night Friday, an 18th yesterday, a work day and college work times, busy but all together okay.

This is actually an outfit I wore last Friday-day, and apologies for the slightly worse for wear photos, I believe I was rushing around or something or other; but anyhoo, who can't love a sheer blouse/shirt? I believe I have a slight addiction/growing collection, but I not biased...

I also have a few new buys to share, at a wee later date; I had my hair chop last week, and my tradition always is to have a good look around the charity shops in the area. There's lots, so I came away with some lovely purchases:)

I also have a growing want of a dream catcher; and a dream catcher form of jewellery. I think they're pretty darn cool.


Thursday, 24 March 2011

Born Free.

-Via FashionGoneRogue
"Born Free –  Bambi Northwood-Blyth plays a free spirit as she takes to the homes and roads of Palm Spring, California for the latest 10 Magazine. Lensed by Tierney Gearon and with set design by Frank 'Reps' Kadu Lennox, Bambi dons the relaxed stylings of fashion editor Sophia Neophitou-Apostolou for a wardrobe boasting of labels such as Burberry Prorsum, Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana."

For my recent bad blogging/posting-ness, I completely apologise; I'm not aboot to bore you all with excuses etc; it's just been a wee hectic lately, work/interviews/last minute applications etc wise.
On the bright side, it's my birthday next week, 18 alas!
I think me and Philippa are going on a driving adventure to Huddersfield tomorrow, to buy decor etc, which makes things even more exciting!

I found this shoot when looking through FashionGoneRogue earlier, and thought I'd share. I really love the sort of 'grunge/glam' relaxed atmosphere in it. And the outfits of course. There's also an almost sense of freedom; on the open road, a motorbike etc, which I love. And I completely love that sense of freedom. This week being the first after finally passing my driving, I have been to college and back each day (except Wednesdays; me and mama have some sort of car-rota-type-thing?) listening intently to the likes of The XX, The Strokes and the 500 days of summer soundtrack; even better when it's actually sunny out!

Happy days; and thanks to all comments/followers, I'll be a-jumping back on the bandwagon soon enough!


Monday, 21 March 2011

Celebrations, Catch-ups And Egg Fried Rice.

-Jacket-Thrifted, Sheer Blouse-Coco Boutique, Jeans-Primark, Shoes-JonesTheBootMaker, Black patent belt-New Look, Turquoise ring-H&M, Silver ring-Next, Other jewellery-Gifted, Clutch-Vintage.

This is a little bit of a weekend catch-up post really.
Saturday night, in celebration of my passing of driving test, or some excuse as such, we went to meet Andy after he finished work, eat Chinese food and then to a Chinese bar(?) for cocktails etc.
It turned out to be quite a nice night really, and I wore a new blouse recently purchased. I absolutely love it, yet you cannae really tell in these photos, so maybe next time.

Yesterday I 'hit the road' to Tesco, as you do. I came away with cheesecake ingredients, reading material for the next couple of weeks, in the form of Vogue and Company, a new bikini (I seriously cannot wait for summer now) and a pair of tights, in the sale! I was a little happy it has to be said.
Also an apparent indulge of zigzag patterns is taking over me at the moment.

Now I'm making a shoe? I have to do an entry project for an interview this week, although I'm not sure how well it shall turn out; I may post the outcome if it works somehow.

Ps- It's sunny! Happy days:)


Friday, 18 March 2011

Arizona Muse.

Via- FashioGoneRogue.
- "Paolo Roversi's soft and romantic style lends itself to the April issue of Vogue China where the Italian photographer shoots leading model Arizona Muse in lingerie inspired ensembles. Styled by Nicoletta Santoro, Arizona dons a pale colour palette featuring the work of Proenza Schouler, Lanvin, Donna Karen and more in Sound of Silence.

Just stumbled upon this amazing editorial whilst browsing through the internet masses.
I love the imperfect yet perfect sense it has, from the dishevelled hair and natural make-up, to the beautifully rouched, ruffled and detailed garments. Even the asymmetric hemline and silhouettes of the designs reflect this.

I think elements in these photos are lovely, the muted colour scheme works perfectly, but in no way detracts interest.
And I would love to own any one of those dresses. Especially the last two.


Thursday, 17 March 2011

I Invented You, And I Will Destroy You.

-Via Weheartit.

Just a massively quick post; today is good day.
I passed my driving test (!) andd, I have a Leeds Festival ticket!
Completely happy; I now have many texts from friends saying 'lifts yes?' and 'Road trip?'
Yes! We've been saying we should go to the beach for ages in the summer, so maybe we actually shall now? I don't know. Happy!

Sorry I'm really bad at posting at the moment hectic work schedule blah etc, also last minute art course applications/interviews etcetc, but soon normality shall restore, or as near to as possible(!)

In case no one could tell/knew, I tend to babble alot when happy/excited, so please excuse moi.