Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The Art Of Darkness.

Another shoot I fell in love with. Farewell summer, hello berry, knits, boots, velvet and layering. I love the sun, yet I can't resist autumnal wear.


Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The Scarfless.

'Scarfless'-Vintage, Jumper-Primark, Skirt-UO, Necklace-Vintage, Other jewellery-Various, Shoes-Courtesy of Russo Shoes.

If you haven't noticed, I wear this scarf a lot. I love it. I found it in a vintage shop once while wandering aimlessly around Leeds on my lonesome, and I fell right in love.
I have been asked several times what it actually is, a scarf? A necklace? A snood(?)
In truth I have no idea, so now one of my friends has dubbed as the 'scarfless.' It's gorgeous chiffony-esque material, with a gold clasp at the back. Therefore, part scarf, part necklace.
Unless anyone else knows it's real name?


Monday, 27 September 2010

Leather Rainbow & Some Cool Tights.

-Jacket-Thrift, Scarf-Vintage, Jumper/dress-H&M, Tights-Matalan, Bag-ASOS, Boots-UO, Belt-Primark, Jewellery-Various.

Or three colours anyway. Jacket, boots and bag. And not that bright, but hey:)
Sorry for lacks of posts this weekend, work work and more, not joking. But ahh, Just a general outfit today,
Just another Monday.


Saturday, 25 September 2010

Hello New Shoes.

1-4 via weheartit, 5-7 My new shoes!

It is fair to say, I love my job. After searching for one for what seemed like years I finally landed one in a shoe shop. I mean, that's perfect for me. I have far too many, but they're all beautiful.
And today I came home with another pair. And having worked in the shop for over a month or so now, I think it's a big step that I don't spend my wage every week on the spot. Anyway, these courtesy of Russo Shoes the shop, if you are in Halifax or Leeds, take a look. They are perfect to wear for work, remind me of an almost clog-esque appearance and are o-so-comfy.
Thankyou so much for them.


Thursday, 23 September 2010

The Bag, In All It's Glory.

-Top-Zara, Shorts-Primark, Jacket-Thrift, Brogues-Topshop, Bag-ASOS.

My bag arrived at last. And I'm in love.
Apparently according to my new top, wearing above, Berry-ish is my new favourite colour, but hey, it's gorgeous.

Tassels, soft leather and the perfect colour, definitely worth waiting for.
I can now tick 'new bag' off the long list.


Wednesday, 22 September 2010

We'll All Take Our Chances.

Outfit 1 - Jumper dress-Topshop, Stripey top-Zara, Belt-Primark, Boots-Topshop, Scarf-Vintage.
Outfit 2 - Blouse-Primark, Shorts-Thrift, Boots-UO.

Apologies for the rather 'dishevelled' photos today, along with the appearance. The first was my general college outfit, in which I was in such a rush to get ready for the night, my brother was eating and sat down, hence the kind of worms eye view. The second outfit was for the gig, which was great, they were really good live. Anyway, it was taken after, in which my mom was insisting I 'smiled for the camera' so a-cheesy it went.

Promises for better outfit/posts in general in the future, I have plans to sort everything. We'll see how that goes:)


Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The Colours of Music.

-via weheartit.

Two Door Cinema Club tonight, I feel like I haven't been to a gig for ages!
 Sadly Laura's not well, so I think Andy's taking her place, although she did do a good tips post a while back, Take a look, it's great advice -


Sunday, 19 September 2010

We don't believe in concerts. Oh, I assure you, they're real.

1-6 - via fashiongonerogue
7 - via google.

"Fall’s haute couture goes to the old west within the latest issue of Vogue US. Lensed by Peter Lindbergh and styled by Grace Coddington, actress Carey Mulligan dons the designs of Dior, Valentino and Chanel Haute Couture in The Talented Miss Mulligan. "

I personally love this shoot, great photographer, great actress, beautiful clothes and such a serene, lovely setting. It kind of tells a story?

Seeing 'An Education,' made me realise one of my favourite films, and it remains the same. The classic era, clothes, Paris(!)

Seeing this shoot on Fashiongonerogue has just made me want to see it, all over again.

And PS, on the concert note, going to a gig on Tuesday, to see Two Door Cinema Club, I cannot wait! Will update:)


Saturday, 18 September 2010

New Loves.

Beware, there are a few.

1-6 - UO, slight obsession apparntly.
7&8 - Topshop
9 - ASOS
10 -

Sat at home after a days work, feeling not so great, although these beautiful finds are definitly helping. I may be saving for a long while. Ahh well.