Thursday, 28 October 2010

The Rose Garden.

-via fashiongonerogue.
"Ali Lagarde is the farthest thing from a wall flower in photographer Akila Berjaoui’s latest work entitled, The Rose Garden. Styled by Leticia Dare, Ali sports vibrant and youthful looks as she explores the city. /Makeup by Des Wyse"

I love the feeling of spring and summer in these photos, despite the autumnal turn outside. The colours are amazing, and the styling is perfect.

And Oh, how I want a fur coat.


Wednesday, 27 October 2010

A Masked Ball Approach.

-via weheartit.

So as the party on Friday approaches my idea for a costume has become a mask. I have a black dress that would fit well into my chosen outfit, and so, as I already own the main part of the outfit, it was decided.
I'm now making a cat mask, on a stick, hence the 'masked ball approach.'
It may or may not work, but hey. I think there is a possibility of three of us going as cats, but, yano, great minds think alike and that :)

Also today me and my momsie took a train ride to Nottingham Trent Uni, which I loved.
Now just to get this long ucas process a go-go.


Hazy Days.

- Top/dress & Shoes-Topshop, Scarf-H&M, Leggings/Socks-?, Belt-Zara, Pearls-Thrift, Necklace-Vintage, Rings/Bracelets-Thrifted/Gifted.

Yesterday I took a wander to Leeds, a bit of shopping.
I came back with some goodies, and not too bad a hit to the bank balance, which is always a good thing.
A couple of things I ended up with were the top above, plus the scarf. I love the colours, the muted contrasting with the bold mustard-y colour.

Anyway, walking along today wrapped up with my new scarf and jacket, the season change hit me. That's it, autumn is here:)


Sunday, 24 October 2010

A Little Bit'a Glitz.

-Jacket-Thrift, Jeans-Primark, Everything else-Vintage. 

These were from Friday, just a night in+friends & Chinese food.
We lead great lives, don't we? :)
I bought this top from a stall at Leeds Fest last year, and not normally being one for sequins, somehow fell in love.

Anyway, celebration of a whole week off. Granted a tonne of work, but also maybe a shopping trip, and some partying!

My friend Andy is putting a big party on for Halloween next Friday, four bands are playing, and I'm helping out with tickets/wristbands and generally getting there early, watch soundchecks etc. It fancy dress might I add, and I have noo clue. I really need to start thinking.
Any ideas?:)

Hopes the weekend was great for yous:)


Thursday, 21 October 2010

Playing Catchup.

- Jumper-Topshop, Scarf/Pearls/Jacket-Thrifted, Bag/Scarf on Bag-Vintage, Shoes-Courtesy of Russo Shoes.

So today my cold decided to take over and add a head and the impossibility to get up. Anyways, these photos are from last Friday, sorry etc buts..
We went to my friend Andy's to check out some lights and things he was using for the party the next night, he's a Dj/events guy in the making, and the lights are pretty cool as you can see.


Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Typical Me, Typical Me.

- Jumper-H&M, Belt & Pearls-Thrift, Spotty Tights-Matalan, Shoes, Necklace & Scarfless-Vintage, Socks-?
Apparently I'm falling over in the first picture, which I also nearly did in the middle of town today. My friend laughed, alot, and stated "great conversation starter in art tomorrow." Thaanks.

Sometimes there's nothing like The Smiths, don't you think? :)

Iknoww, I wear this jumper a billion times, but it's one of my staples, and I love it. Plus it's warm. Which in this weather is an ultimate plus.
Not feeling the brightest of bunches, the cold has decided to affect me rather, but hey, bring on Friday and a whole week off.
Cannot Wait. :)


Monday, 18 October 2010

When The Sun Goes Down.

Outfit One - Dress-Primark, Belt-River Island, Heels-Matalan, Jewelery-Vintage/Thrift, Clutch-Vintage.
Outfit Two - Skirt-Topshop, Blouse-H&M, Shoes-JonesTheBootMaker, Clutch-Vintage.

This last week has been busy.
So apologies to lacks of posts, from work, to shows, to college work to dancing the night awaay.
Anyways, On saturday my friend Jess had a party to celebrate her 18th, and the first photos are what I wore. I found this dress after a few stressy lessons and decided to indulge in a free, bonus = I could afford it, and it didn't brake the bank:)

The last couple of photos are when we popped to the 'mighty Halifax' the day after her birthday. Jess on the far left on the last photo, et you may recognise Laura from Romance is Boring in the middle. Aussi Amber there too:)

Hope you've all had a loverly weekend!


Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Near Yet Far.

-Photos via Google.

So near yet so far. After our adventures of Manchester uni today, we went for a wander around the shops.
Somehow we ended up on an obviously 'posh street;'
Clothes, amaazing shoe shops, and Mulberry.
So close to the Alexa bag, yet so far. Ahh.


The Sound Resounds Echo.

-Trousers & Belt-Zara, Top-Topshop, Scarf & Pearls-Thrift, Shoes & Cardi-Primark.

Been feeling a bit of The XX today.
Can't get enough, have a listen = Good advice. :)

Just another day
Although plans for the future. Tomorrow me and my friend Philippa are going to Manchester to look at the uni there. Neither of us know our way, so it should be interesting. New plan = If all else fails, lets shop.


Monday, 11 October 2010

Last Of The Summer.

-Blouse & Shorts-Thrifted, Cardi-Primark, Shoes-Topshop, Jewellery-Thrift/Gift/Vintage:)

Yesterday the weather was just lovely, I guess the last of the summer.
Although looking forward to autumn,
Don't you feel a bit..wistful? I love the summer, the sunshine.
But then there's something a bit more to fashion in fall.


Sunday, 10 October 2010


Outfit- Trousers & Belt-Zara, Top-Thrifted, Shoes-New Look, Bag-Vintage, Jewellery-Vintage/Thrifted.
Newcastle Photos- via google.

Busy busy busy, again apologies for lack of posts!

Anyway, yesterday I went to Newcastle to look at Northumbria uni. It was my first open day, and me and Laura had a great time. I am in love. Just take a look at the design building!
I know that there's only a slight possibility I would get in, but i could live there. Easily.
Plus the course is amazing, and I would have a year working in industry to gain experience.

On another note, last night me, Laura and Andy decided to take a trip to a meal out. My outfit above is what I wore, and after several not-so-good elements, (ie sitting around for an hour for a table at some place) we decided to go to a great Thai place. I love it there, it's almost a a restaurant in a lounge, and the food is great.

Enough rambling for now, hopes you have a great weekend!

Ps-photoshoot today, pictures will be up:)


Friday, 8 October 2010

90 ans at Vogue.

Photos via LookMagazine.

The begining of this month saw French Vogues 90th anniversary.
Just take a look at some of the fabulous outfits,
ahh Love.