Thursday, 27 January 2011

Lost Until I Heard The Drums.

-Silks Shirt-Vintage, Skirt-Topshop, Scarf & Necklace-Thrifted, Bracelets-Gifted, Belt-Zara, Boots-UO.

In continuation and promise of yesterdays post, this is the outfit linking to my inspiration.
Granted it is not exactly the same as mentioned, I am still on the hunt for the perfect white/off white sheer silk shirt. But I love this shirt, and picking it up from a vintage stall at Leeds Festival last year at a bargainous price, I cannot complain.
I love the oversized aspect too, and cinching with a belt adds a finishing touch.
I'm also a fan of the whole pussy bow blouse thing too; so adding a scarf tied so, seemed a good idea.

Not much exciting news today, I sat my English exam yesterday, not the best I think, but shall wait and see.
Just a quick post, as for now I must run off to Le singing/stage and write an essay;


Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Take Silk.

1-4 - Me
5,6 & 7-Whistles.

So in continuation of my weekly 'Inspire' post, I figured this weeks had to be dedicated to the silk shirt. Partly inspired by an article in Januarys Vogue, and various collections that have caught my eye, and then again kick started and suddenly remembered when throwing on my outfit yesterday. (I shall post tomorrow.)

I have come to discover, Along with blouses, Shirts are a staple of my wardrobe. I Hardly ever pick anything else up in a morning, maybe due to the sheer amount in comparison to anything else in my wardrobe, I merely tend to live in them.
And then, silk. A step further.

Anything silk or chiffon has my attention with a snap.

Simplicity and minimalism, a key trend I cannot help but to lean towards, hosts the silk shirt perfectly under its wing. Again, to my sheer delight.
Directing to another point; a slightly sheer shirt, modestly worn tucked in or out can create such a sleek, chic silhouette;

one cannot resist.


Monday, 24 January 2011

But It Doesn't Really Matter Anyway.

-Denim shirt/dress-F&F, Stripe Dress-Ark, Bag+Both Scarves+Heels-Vintage, Belt-Zara, Necklace+Bracelets-Gift/Thrift, Rings-Topman/Next/Gifted.

I guess this outfit is kind of inspired by my Parisian inspire post last week. What with the stripes and red etc. This is what I wore to college the other day, (a bit slow at the moment) minus the red heels, however much I love/they go with this outfit, I don't think they'd suit frosty weather outside; and plus all the rings. My addiction has not yet ceased, as I purchased this Next one (middle) the a few days ago.

Revision and coursework are slightly taking over lately, as I'm sure many others in the same boat can realise, so please excuse me occasionally.
And then there's the whole 'wait' thing for replies from various unis. And the one that one prays to receive, as it is their first choice.
I'm not the best at this waiting game thing, incase you haven't noticed.
Although I do have an interview at Leeds College of Art! For a foundation course, which I guess I'm kind of coming round to do, instead of heading straight to a degree course. Being the indecisive Nicola I am, my head is now wavering on my applied choice.

Anyhoo, hop and skip back to it!

Ps-You can kinda see my musically painted wall in the photos. This was my creativity last time I redecorated my room.


Sunday, 23 January 2011

Grey In The Evening Sun.

-Oversized Grey Jumper Dress-H&M, Lace Vest(Worn Underneath)-Thrifted, Bag/Both Scarves-Vintage, Wedges-Topshop.

I'm beginning to think grey is one of my favourite colours. At least to wear. Does this make me seem a little dull? I mean, don't get me wrong I love colour, but there's something about grey hues that I just love that little more.
My friend just had his house re-decorated, and the bottom half of the walls are a pale grey colour. I'm thinking about this for my room too now. In my opinion it looked really nice and goes with a lot. I don't know if I mentioned this, but I'm decorating my room in Feb hopefully. I seem to do this every few years, I think I just get a little bored of the same, and I love interiors. Maybe another career path to investigate, if others fail?
Anyway, expect various inspiring photos of different walls and interior décor that I love, and hope to recreate. I keep saying 'when I get my own house, I'd love to..' and have a million and one things in my mind already. Maybe this is like a warm up?

These are a couple of photos if the 'evening sun' the other day, (Cue The Strokes reference, woo). It was pretty amazing, and the colours were gorgeous. I just couldn't help but grab the camera. Although excuse the industrial looking towers and houses.

Back to work for me now though, looming deadlines and my A level English exam are becoming closer and closer.
For now, happy Sunday!


Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Photos via 1-7 - Weheartit/Google
8 - Me,
9 - Magazine
10 - Weheartit.

Today marks the day (granted an opening like that seems slightly over the top,) of my weekly Wednesday post, of the whole 'Love,Need,Necessity,' headed 'Inspire' thing I was on about a wee while ago.
Anyway, Wednesdays are a middle point of the week, I rarely have 'exciting' plans, other than work(?) so now this is going to happen.

So, as cliché as this may seem, my first post is centred around Paris.
To me, it epitomises chic, stylish fashion, amazing art, lovely music, great architecture and such varied colours, changing through the seasons, and of course love.
It is an inspiration to many, from designers to architects, (and me!) I decided to make light of my summer trip last year, snapped away like the stereotypical tourist, and used the outcomes as inspiration and photography for my current textiles project. I wasn't disappointed.
I was also lucky enough to visit Le Musee D'Orsay, and seeing some of Monet and Van Gogh's work, along with many others first hand, was great.

Also, a last note, if you have not seen the film 'An Education,' definitely do. I love it.


Monday, 17 January 2011

Espadrilles In The Winter: Preparation.

-Poncho-Stall@Clothes Show, Sheer Shirt-H&M, Skirt-Topshop, Belt-Vintage, Scarf-Zara, Jewellery-Thrift/Gift/Etc, Heeled Espadrilles-Schuh.
-Last two photos via Weheartit.

So, currently I am far too happy/excited.
We have just booked our summer holiday!
Me, Laura, Beth, Jess and Jami are all offskies to Majorca, some sun will be great.

And I do love my espadrilles, very much so. Ever since I bought them last summer really..And they tie around my ankles. (I love shoes that have ankle ties.)
Plus adding a poncho updates it just fine for the current weather situations. As long as I don't go outside..


Sunday, 16 January 2011

And All The World Has Come To See The End.


Finally, back to my blog. I have been feeling rather deprived, if I'm honest, but this week has just been a little crazy/so have I, most probably.
Things have happened etcetc, also the usual workload, I'm now working up to my near final deadline of both my first art and textiles projects, and balancing them both is rather tricky at times. Plus there's the ol' English exam nest week. Hmm..
So yeah, I am sorry, and thankyou to any new followers I have gained, I'm so grateful!
Anyway, this is an image I was going to post earlier in the week, as a quick note/update, but then my computer died and saved it as a draft.
I love this image, and I'm not even sure how to say why? If that makes sense..

So, today I decided to stop rambling and show you some of my sale buys! (At last!)

And also what I wore last night, which kind of ties in anyway. Me avec the fam wined and dined at a new restaurant, in the celebration of my Dad's birthday, although due to nasty accidents, some couldn't make it. I hope they are better soon, and sorry for rambling but, you know. We were planning our next venture there, whilst eating, ensuring that hopefully they will be next time:)

-Sale buys!
-Dress-UO, Stole-Next, Boots-UO
-Shirt/Suede Vest-Next, Wedges-Topshop.

My outfit from last night. I decided to style the dress with a cropped jumper over the top and tights, as it was rather chilly in this weather!
-Jumper+Necklaces+Jacket-Thrifted, Scarf+Belt-Vintage.

Sorry for the slight overload of this post, but it's been a wee while!
Hope all is well with everyone:)


Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Monochrome & Awards.

-Cream Blouse, Black Crochet Vest, Necklace, Pearls & Belt All Thrifted, Scarf-Zara, Jeans-Primark, Boots-UO, Rings & Bracelets-Thrifted, Gifted & Topman.

Back! And feeling quite better really, thanks for the lovely comments etc, I shall get back to you soon.

This is just what I wore for college today, I love the goodies you can find whilst thrifting! And I love that this scarf is so huge. My friends joked that it could double as a blanket, but I think it's perfect, and the colours/patterns are great.
I thought of photographing in a slightly different location today, it was going to be outside, but the darkness loomed before I got home. Anyway, this is the edge of a wall that has been meant to be painted for the past forever years, but I kind of like it this way. Would it be totally strange if I said I wanted to create it in my room?

Anyway, over the time of being ill/having masses of work etc, I have received two blog awards. I'm so happy that people have thought I could have one so thankyou! So to receive them I have to say 7 facts about myself and pass them on to others. I have decided to do them one at a time, so I can pass them on to more bloggers and it's a good way to divulge some facts!

Stylish Blogger Award!
Thankyou so much rockoomph, it really means alot.

7 Facts-
-I am slightly shoe obsessed, But one can never have too many shoes-Right?
-I have a slight (big) addiction to coffee, I need it to survive (Or something less extreme)
-I am actually half Indian, hence my middle name, Jyoti, (pronounced Joe-ty)
-No music is better than live music in my opinion, I have attended Leeds Festival twice, and been to many a gig.
-I love my new camera. I must share some snaps.
-I am surprisingly organised in my head, in reality nothing seems to be/end up this way.
-My feet seem to have shrunk a size, I am now a size 4, much to my mocking friends delight.

I now pass this on to:
-Vicki from Magpie Girl
-Bonnie from Flashes Of Style
-Mara from M Loves M
-Krystal from This Time Tomorrow
-Cassie from Floral Children

I love all these blogs, so take a look/congrats:)


Sunday, 9 January 2011

Dark, Deep, Dream.

-Via FashionGoneRogue.
Auguste Abeliunaite stars in Taki Bibelas’ dark and dramatic spread for the January edition of Marie Claire Italia. Outfitted by Ivana Spernicelli, Auguste wears the beautifully decadent looks of Bottega Veneta, Gucci, Max Mara and others in Trama Dark.

Another amazing shoot via FashionGoneRogue,
The dark colours combined with varying textures, from sheer, shimmery fabrics to luxe heavy looking materials, velvet and lace create some exquisitely deep images. Completed with dark makeup, accents the eyes, contrasting with the almost dreamy-esque backgrounds.

I think may just be tempted to dig out my lace tights. And I'm a sucker for a maxi length at the moment.

I'm sorry again, but thanks for any patience, I still am not feeling very great, and hoping this illness will disappear soon. I will get back to comments + outfit posts very soon. I'm getting a little fed up of sobbing around in giant cardies and pyjamas really, a little wardrobe deprived. Anyhoo, please bare with/Thankyou.