Sunday, 8 May 2011

Darkness Is A Harsh Term, Don't You Think.

Via -Weheartit & Fashiongonerogue.

Sorry for the long string of images, but they're just a few I have collated over time, and I haven't really had any chance to snap away myself. I rather like these too.
As predicted this week has been maad, working every night until early hours then up again the next day for college, oh the fun.

Anyhoo, not much longer, then I shall be back and full of jolly ideas, I hope. Or just asleep for the next few weeks solid; either or.
Last night was one of my good friends birthday party, which was actually really good, and a chance to see several people again, venture into town after, drink a little too much and arrive home at some early hour, only to be woken by my alarm again to go to work. But it's actually been a good day. Town was quiet, so I drank far too much black coffee, as we had no milk and got some much needed magazine reading in. Quite nice.

I'm counting down until freedom now, just exam week; but for now and this moment, I shall continue to crazily sing along to The Vaccines a little loud and make a wire structure for my next piece.
I may post some photos of work sometime soon, if anyone's interested, although someone had mentioned it before too.

Also I have an interview tomorrow, wish me luck.


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  1. These photos are all so pretty and inspirational!