Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Mustard-Marigold + Berry.

-Jacket-Thrifted/Muvvers, Jumper-Thrifted, Skirt+Bag-Asos, Boots-RI, Belt/Scarf-Vintage.

Never thought I'd be one to embrace the whole 'colour-blocking' trend thing, but looking in the mirror to check my hair wasn't sticking up all over before I dashed out the door in my usual morning rush, I noticed this outfit kinda comes off this way. And, I kinda like it.
No doubt the bright colours instantly lift my moods into a much sunnier one, and matched with a plain black pleated skirt, mutes it down just enough.

Also, meet my new boots.
It is known to my friends that I somewhat  have a slight (big) shoe obsession. Imagine my glee when I landed a job in a shoe shop.
Anyway, not normally a fan of River Island, I though I'd check out the new shop in town. And then I saw these. My instant reaction was to try them, (obviously), and when they fit perfectly, I knew I had to have them. Granted it took a wee while to save up and justify enough to my bank balance; but it is well worth it.

Anyhoo, apologising in advance for the next couple of weeks, I have a huge feeling/knowing they are going to be mayhem and madness, my art and textiles exam weeks are next week, the prep in the run up and my 'forever deadlines' all at the same time.
But after that I will be near enough free.
I have so many plans it's untrue.



  1. love that outfit :)

  2. That is a lovely oufit,very well put together!

  3. The shoes are beautiful. <3

  4. love the matching boots & bag and the mustard top is perfect :) i'm having a special parisian giveaway on my blog, i'd love for you to join! have a great day <3

    love, M

  5. you look amazing! i love this outfit. those boots need to be in my life! i am in love with them! x

  6. the boots are just the perfect color and height. it's great next to the mustard.