Friday, 29 April 2011

It's A Nice Day For A White Wedding + Patterned Trousers.

-Trousers-Vintage,(Nicked from Grandmama), Blouse&Tooth Necklace-H&M, Belt-Zara, Shoes-Vintage.
-Nail Varnish-'Duck Egg' From M&S.
-Final Two-Via Weheartit.

Of course todays antics are revolving the Royal Wedding for most.
I thought I wouldn't watch it as much as I did really, but all the hype turned out lovely for both Will and Catherine.
The dress, which I realise most people will have seen/heard about now, was expertly designed by Sarah Burton for McQueen; and beautiful it was. And such a well kept secret. The delicate lace sleeves, layering, pleaty-frills at the back and the cut-out neckline reflect both Burton and McQueen down to a T. Yet the many features, straying away from being over the top, creating a simplistic, elegant and perfectly royal dress, accompanied with a beautifully detailed veil.

My 'royal day outfit,' on the other hand, strays about as far away from weddings as probably possible, although not intentionally so. I have no plans for todays day, except continuing to smell my room out with turps due to oil painting.
My Grannie had left some clothes for me and mama to sift through last weekend, and I came across these trousers, which I actually really love, despite not having anything remotely similar in my wardrobe. So, perfect!
Not too sure about tonights antics, a few of my friends are actually in London on a school trip, or coming home today, (good luck there), after gallivanting around for a few days. A little jealous, needless to say; but that's whatcha get for leaving sixth form for college instead.




  1. yep, me too - gorgeous outfit :)
    i loved kate's dress, it looks so simple yet breathtaking (and perfect details)!


  2. Your trousers are amazing! I loved Kate's dress, it was so chic!

    The Flower Girl

  3. I happen to love your "royal outfit"....great trousers!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  4. Love your blouse! And I thought Kate looked amazing :)

  5. Its a really cute outfit! The blouse is really pretty and it goes so well with your pants! :)

  6. do you mind checking out my blog? feel free to follow me ;) or at least tell my what you are thinking about it


  7. I love the Kate dress and Pipa looks amazing on her McQueen dress too ! Beautiful wedding ! Xoxo

  8. love the outfit :)

  9. Kate was such a pretty princess! Love your patterned trousers and how you paired them with a patterned blouse.

  10. That blouse + those patterned trousers are a great combination on you - gorgeous! I just followed your lovely blog :)

  11. I need those pants in my life. And I wouldn't mind owning that shirt, either. You look ten times better than Kate! :)

  12. love your prints! Thanks so much for entering my giveaway!

  13. cool trousers, i love how you styled them with the polka dot top... the pattern mix is perfect, great look!! <3shelby