Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The Scarfless.

'Scarfless'-Vintage, Jumper-Primark, Skirt-UO, Necklace-Vintage, Other jewellery-Various, Shoes-Courtesy of Russo Shoes.

If you haven't noticed, I wear this scarf a lot. I love it. I found it in a vintage shop once while wandering aimlessly around Leeds on my lonesome, and I fell right in love.
I have been asked several times what it actually is, a scarf? A necklace? A snood(?)
In truth I have no idea, so now one of my friends has dubbed as the 'scarfless.' It's gorgeous chiffony-esque material, with a gold clasp at the back. Therefore, part scarf, part necklace.
Unless anyone else knows it's real name?



  1. LOVE the detail on the scarf!!