Monday, 13 December 2010

Clothes Show & A Poncho.

1-5 - Clothes Show Site
-Outfit- Poncho-Clothes Show, Blouse-H&M, Skirt-Topshop, Jewellery-Vintage/Thrift/Gift, Shoes-New Look.

Back, and break up on Friday! Cannot wait.

So, the deadlines have been done, and I'm back, after a rather lack of anything else week, but this week is looking good.

Finally uploaded my photos from Clothes Show Live the other day and it's fair to say they ain't that great..Hopes on a camera for Christmas:)
So I found some on the site, which show the outfits pretty well.
The designs were amazing, the stalls too tempting and the show was great.
It was a great day, and I would definitely recommend it, I'd go again!
I managed to snap up a few buys on the trip, a dress, scarf and this lovely poncho, after eyeing one for a wee while.

Also just received an amazing tweed jacket from ebay. A minimal 99p.
I am in Love.



  1. thanks for your comment! love your poncho !!


  2. Poncho looks ace on you lovie! WOW the first two photos from the website look stunning, love it. I haven't been to the clothes show in a few years because of lack of funds, but I am determined to go next year, the atmosphere is so fun! x

  3. Great post lovely! I went to clothes show last week too, it was amazing! That second dress was one of my faves, I love the shoulder design - it kinda reminds me of an unwound casette tape ;)

  4. those designs are lovely! I lloovvee your skirt, so cute :)


  5. I just loove all of the clothes from the show!

    xx Bonnie

  6. The clothes show looks amazing!
    And you look great, love the poncho!


  7. Great blog! I'm following you! Visit my blog and follow back please. Have a great day! Be back soon! :)

  8. This is a wonderful and inspiring. The first two dresses are like a work of art ... exhibit:) I like the third dress and fourth overall.