Friday, 3 December 2010

Lovely Things.

Via - 1, 3-7, 10,11&12 : UO,   8,9&13 : Topshop,   2&15 : Weheartit.

So as most know, the snow has taken over, I haven't been to college since Monday.. Today basically involved wandering around, catching up on art and textiles work in my biggest Topman jumper and slippers. Those are some darn great days sometimes.
Anyway, tonight I am going to try and brave the cold and hop round to Laura's avec others for a bit of a nice night, after feeling like I have been in hibernation these past days.

Beforehand -
I thought I'd share some 'lovely things' to me at the moment. With the ever approaching Christmas, I have the feelings that I must spend on others via presents, although one must buy some new party clothes.

Currently loving:
A mix of materials - 
Sheer fabrics (I need a sheer maxi skirt!), Leather, Cord, Faux fur, Chiffon and Silk
Lipstick - Most colours, yet particularly berry. It's a must.
Wedges, despite the snow.
Rings, so many that it almost looks too much.
Prints of varying kinds.
Shirts & Jumpers.

I am particularly in love with the grey dress, although I can not afford. It's just simply beautiful, and I know exactly how I'd style it.
One day..

What are you loving now?



  1. amazing! love those skirts :) I want some black sheer too!


  2. ADORE THE SECOND PHOTO, it's amazing!
    and you can never have too much party clothes :)


  3. I just saw one of my favorite bloggers sporting that first sheer maxi skirt from UO (Krystal of This Time Tomorrow) and it looked amazing on! Such a great skirt! Also loving those tan Steve Madden wedges! Have been lusting over those for ages now! Great post!

  4. Love the fur coat in the second photo!

  5. I really want that first skirt so much! Why can't i find the perfect sheer maxi skirt anywhere, haha!? The corduroy shorts are so cute too, lovely selection you have found :D xxxxx

  6. oh my goodness, soo inspiring! <33

  7. I'm loving the sheer maxi dresses but def think I'd rock that in the summer! that last picture is amazing too!


  8. i WANT that grey chiffon dress!! so pretty!! :) x

  9. the leather skirt and the cognac peeptoe wedges!!

    visit my blog if you like and follow me please!<3


  10. the skirt in the 2nd pic is amazing xxxx

  11. I've been searching so much for a leather skirt like that!
    xoxo, Angie

    would you like to follow each other?

  12. I love that shorts!
    Lovely, soooo lovely.

  13. I would like such fur is awesome ..... only hope that is artificial .... is beautiful:)
    Wonderful are these long skirts to the ground:)