Wednesday, 29 December 2010

You're Just Like Me, Everything You Do Is Completely Weird.

Day-Cardi thing-Topshop, Shirt-Vintage, Skirt-H&M, Pearls-Thrifted.
Night-Jacket/Pearls-Thrift, Blouse-H&M, Jeans/Necklace-Primark, Wedges-Topshop, Clutch-Vintage.

Yesterday saw the day of Laura's 18th birthday, and to celebrate we battled through Leeds to spend the last of our monies, Then going out for some cocktails with others at night.
It was a good day, and I managed to pick up some great buys, which I shall show probably tomorrow, making me rather happy.
Although a sneek peek, the blouse and wedges in the second outfit being a couple.
The fake eyebrows were a joke present, as she has had a slight misfortune on the subject, (she may have posted on her blog,) so we all donned fake eyebrows on the train, making complete fools of ourselves. Obviously.

The photos of the night shots are really awful, it was dark, the light poor and I didn't use my new camera. Therefore photographing my new buys shall be a great new excuse!

The first outfit I'm wearing a shirt my friend bought me for Christmas. It has a great pattern, is oversized and I love it!

Hope everyone's enjoying some time off!



  1. I think my favorite items are the wedges in the last photo and the blouse in the second;) Really cute

  2. Hahaahaha! You can tell I'm 18 now can't ya? No more silly, immature stuff...x

  3. I absolutely love your outfits especially the night look!


  4. I really like your pictures, especially the brown/ vintage one! The night time outfit is amazing I love the pearls and leather combo.


    PS: Gappy teeth this year, monster eyebrows next?

  5. cute pics!!! :) im a new follower!

    Look my blog and if you like it, follow me :)

    xx & Happy New year :D!!


  6. You look sooo cute :) Love ur last outfit :D Gorgeous!

  7. love the top in the second outfit especially :) x

  8. those eyebrows are hot! lol. i just passed the sylish blogger award to you. check it out:

  9. you've made me a laughing stock, Nicola. I hope you're happy :) x

  10. The last top is gorgeous! looking great!