Friday, 31 December 2010

Olde Lang Syne.

-Dress&hand chain-ASOS, Spotty Tights-Dotty P's(ironic yes?), Shoes-Topshop, Clutch-Vintage.

A very quick post, as I am meant to be meeting others in fifteen minutes, and I have yet to pick an outfit. Good luck Nicola.

These photos were a few taken from the best-ling Laura's party the other day. It was really great, and the band St Somebody played really well too. I remember me and Laura singing along to Toothpaste Kisses, how I love The Maccabees.

And this is the last of 2010!, as I'm sure you all are well aware of,
I haven't been great with posts this week, I have finally started on my holiday work, and have been out pretty much every night this week, so a couple of outfits to post. Also the promised 'new buys.'
Oh, and another thing I'm looking forward to. Me and Laura are scheduling a photoshoot pretty soon, I'm thinking:
Lots of lace, mix of fabrics and materials, detailing, maxi lengths, oversized shirts, sheer blouses and leather.

So, any big plans for the new year?
I'm hop, skipping and jumping to a friends now, so more/better to come!

Ps-I have also been awarded a stylish blogger award! I shall definitely post this properly soon,
but for now,

Happy New Year!



  1. Aw, cute outfit....loving the necklace! Have a very safe and happy new year!

  2. I love the sleeves on that dress!

    Can't wait for your photoshoot, I need to convince my friends to do one with me!

    Happy New Year.