Monday, 20 June 2011

Foolishness & Heartlessness.

-Shirt-Vintage, Shorts-RI, Bag-Vintage, Necklace-H&M, Bracelets-Gifted, Shoes-Vintage.
-Rings- Vintage, Gifted, Next.
-Nail Varnish- 'Raisin' by Elf.

Realise it's been another week, not much use at keeping up at the moment apparently; ahh well!
I shall do soon, (she keeps saying.)

Anyhoo, it's been a busy weekend, and I think I'm realising it now I'm sat at home with noting much to do, except learn the art of wallpapering. That's going to be interesting?

Friday night me and the usuals went to a gig in Leeds, a friends band was playing, along with a couple of others. Was a good night, also involving cocktails, which are always good.
I wore this outfit, and the shorts are new! I love them, and after eventually buying them online since my size sold out in my local shop, and them mistakenly sending me two pairs, and taking double the amount out of my account, it's something. I have now sent the other pair back.
But anyway.
I'm not normally one to buy from River Island, they aren't always my cup of tea; yet in the past few months I have acquired these shorts, a top and an amazing blazer. I'm sure it will crop up on here sometime soon...



  1. Great outfit, I love the shirt and it goes so well with the shorts. Lovely rings and nail polish too : ) I am following your blog now, follow me too?? xx

  2. I'm always using excuses about and illnesses for for reasons not to blog. I hope all is well with you. I love your blog!
    And I LOVE these shorts. I never really liked RI before too, always thought they added too much bling to everything, but these are great. I'm living in Korea at the mo, but moving back to England in September and you've inspired me to give it a chance! I love your rings too! You have great vintage-inspired style.
    Amy xxx

  3. Love this outfit! You look so cute and the jewelry is amazing!