Thursday, 2 June 2011

Slip Back Out Of Whack.

-Skirt & Top-Zara, Belt & Bag-Vintage, Shoes-Dotty P's, Jewellery-Various.
-Spotty Dress-Vintage, Hat-Someone else's..?

Currently sat with a towel clutched around my shoulders and about 2 minutes before I have to go wash the dye off my hair. Not sure how different it will look, but we shall see!?

Anyhoo, sorry I haven't been around for agers, or so it seems, but catching up with friends/tidying/shopping/writing a new CV and job hunting seemed to have whisked away any free time. Not that I'm complaining, especially now the sun's out!

Today consisted of a wander into town to pick up some birthday presents and what not, whilst on the hunt for the prefect shorts I saw a few weeks ago. Except now they no longer have them in my size.. I may take a trip somewhere else to search, they are just too nice!

My friend recently found the last two photos on a camera, taken last year at Leeds Festival. Just looking at them, and I cannot wait for this year! The Strokes!
Cannot wait to see them.



  1. Always wanted to ho to that festival! Love your shoes!

  2. Love your outfit, you look fab :).

    Sadie x

  3. really love the colours here! especially the top, gorgeous x

  4. same! so excited for leeds fest!x

  5. This outfit is really cute! Simple & sweet, I'm loving the blouse!

  6. I love this outfit! The colors are all gorgeous and the details like the necklace and belt are perfect!