Wednesday, 27 October 2010

A Masked Ball Approach.

-via weheartit.

So as the party on Friday approaches my idea for a costume has become a mask. I have a black dress that would fit well into my chosen outfit, and so, as I already own the main part of the outfit, it was decided.
I'm now making a cat mask, on a stick, hence the 'masked ball approach.'
It may or may not work, but hey. I think there is a possibility of three of us going as cats, but, yano, great minds think alike and that :)

Also today me and my momsie took a train ride to Nottingham Trent Uni, which I loved.
Now just to get this long ucas process a go-go.



  1. oh I love masked balls, wish one day I could go to one... :p Great blog btw!


    hope you come visit/follow me :)

  2. I love it! So mysterious. I can just imagine a story of finding love in a masked ball.