Sunday, 24 October 2010

A Little Bit'a Glitz.

-Jacket-Thrift, Jeans-Primark, Everything else-Vintage. 

These were from Friday, just a night in+friends & Chinese food.
We lead great lives, don't we? :)
I bought this top from a stall at Leeds Fest last year, and not normally being one for sequins, somehow fell in love.

Anyway, celebration of a whole week off. Granted a tonne of work, but also maybe a shopping trip, and some partying!

My friend Andy is putting a big party on for Halloween next Friday, four bands are playing, and I'm helping out with tickets/wristbands and generally getting there early, watch soundchecks etc. It fancy dress might I add, and I have noo clue. I really need to start thinking.
Any ideas?:)

Hopes the weekend was great for yous:)



  1. the scarf and the shirt look great together - kind of reminds me of the night sky, and the scarf looks like a print of galaxies and planets! love it!

  2. First thing I noticed was the scarf! And are those purple pumps? They look hot!

  3. You are adorable! And that scarf is phenomenal!