Sunday, 10 October 2010


Outfit- Trousers & Belt-Zara, Top-Thrifted, Shoes-New Look, Bag-Vintage, Jewellery-Vintage/Thrifted.
Newcastle Photos- via google.

Busy busy busy, again apologies for lack of posts!

Anyway, yesterday I went to Newcastle to look at Northumbria uni. It was my first open day, and me and Laura had a great time. I am in love. Just take a look at the design building!
I know that there's only a slight possibility I would get in, but i could live there. Easily.
Plus the course is amazing, and I would have a year working in industry to gain experience.

On another note, last night me, Laura and Andy decided to take a trip to a meal out. My outfit above is what I wore, and after several not-so-good elements, (ie sitting around for an hour for a table at some place) we decided to go to a great Thai place. I love it there, it's almost a a restaurant in a lounge, and the food is great.

Enough rambling for now, hopes you have a great weekend!

Ps-photoshoot today, pictures will be up:)



  1. Ahh, I want to go there so badly =| I'm pretty sure I'll have to drag Pajaree with me though hahaha :D


  2. Ooh I love the outfit!
    and aww, I'm sure if you work hard enough you can get in :D

  3. love your outfit! look fantastic! good luck with getting into uni!

    love kerry


  4. You look gorgeous, those trousers fit you perfectly! :)

  5. Love those trousers!! :)