Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Typical Me, Typical Me.

- Jumper-H&M, Belt & Pearls-Thrift, Spotty Tights-Matalan, Shoes, Necklace & Scarfless-Vintage, Socks-?
Apparently I'm falling over in the first picture, which I also nearly did in the middle of town today. My friend laughed, alot, and stated "great conversation starter in art tomorrow." Thaanks.

Sometimes there's nothing like The Smiths, don't you think? :)

Iknoww, I wear this jumper a billion times, but it's one of my staples, and I love it. Plus it's warm. Which in this weather is an ultimate plus.
Not feeling the brightest of bunches, the cold has decided to affect me rather, but hey, bring on Friday and a whole week off.
Cannot Wait. :)



  1. Super cute look. Love the flash of colour in your scarf/snood.

  2. Love that scarf, and it's true, there's nothing like The Smiths (:

  3. Haha, doesn't quite look like you're falling. But love the whole tunic with a belt look. I do it myself a lot.