Saturday, 1 January 2011

The Party.

-Via FashionGoneRogue.
-As the New Year rings in, Bruno Dayan’s latest work for the December issue of Flair could not be more appropriate with models Barbora Dvorakova, Kel Markey and Jennifer Messelier getting dolled up in some standout looks. Styled by Barbara Baumel, the group dons stylish frocks for a winter soiree.

I've just stumbled across these photos on the site fashiongonerogue, a great place to find inspiring shoots etc.
I thought this particular shoot, not only slightly mystical and theatrical, with the amazing styling, sequins, luxe fabrics and regal patterns, beautiful cuts, but also quite fitting with this time of year, the party season and all that.
There are some beautiful pieces, boldly put together, against an amazing environment.

I realise I haven't done a yearly post look back thing, but I just thought I'd say, I'm so glad I started this blog, I have evolved so much since I started, in style and confidence. Thanks to all those who take the time to see/comment/follow, really means a lot.
Now to 2011 (how weird does that sound(!)), many more posts, inspiration from others and evolving(?).

Happy 2011!:)



  1. Great shoot, loving these pics and the styling is awesome. Yep, blogging was a confidence builder for me too. It's nice to be able to put yourself out there and accept who you are:)

  2. love the photos! i'll have to check out that site.

  3. I absolutely love this editorial spread. Thanks for sharing the photos and drop by me too when you have time.


  4. ahh, i love this editorial! it's very apt for the season, as you say (:

  5. these are great! happy 2011 to you too (: