Sunday, 6 March 2011

Limb By Limb, Tooth By Tooth.

-Via Google - Style Stalker, Street Style & Weheartit.

Free periods on Friday, enabled me to turn to blogging. I wrote (am writing) this post sat in the library, waiting for my friend to finish lesson so we can go coffee/catch up. Iknow, sounds like such an easy Friday; yet not so much, just so ready for a break from work. I managed to collate quite a few images I love and find inspiring, despite the lack of access to certain sites, blocked from the college computers; mainly via Google and various searches. The first few are from ‘Style Stalker.' I love their lookbook images, and the unusual feel, all the while promoting. It definitely works on me.
Finally after saving all the images, I realised the lovely collegecomputerpeople have also blocked my ability to post or login or something, hence my posting today.
I've been pretty darn busy of late, so this reflects in my lack of posting, for this I do apologise.
I feel sufficiently worked-out this week, although still have a million things on my to-do list, not unlike others most probably.

Thursday night, I went to TRANSMISSION. It sounds rather ominous(?) being capitals and all, but it was a launch night for my friends promotion company/thing. I ended up helping around, and in charge of the smoke machine! I felt quite ‘in power’ really. It ended me and a couple of friends sat far away from the machine with the remote, messing around and watching people dancing through the smoke, somehow quite amusing.



  1. Stylestalker is my absolute favorite!

    xx Cristina

  2. Love these photos! Especially the outfit in the second picture, so gorgeous! :D. Good luck with all your work!

  3. thankyou for the comment on my blog :) i'm following you.
    lovely photos and the smoke machine incedent sounds funny!

  4. AMAZING photos! the heeled hiking boots are gorgeous. hope you're having a lovely week!