Sunday, 27 March 2011

Sheer, Stripes & Dream Catchers.

-Stripe Dress-Ark, Sheer Blouse-Primark, Belt-NewLook, Pearls-Thrifted.
Others-Via WeHeartIt.

A quick Sunday post, as I feel slightly sleep deprived, especially as time has gone forward again; plus side, a sure sign of summer coming.
I have been out galavanting(?) pretty much all weekend, a girls night Friday, an 18th yesterday, a work day and college work times, busy but all together okay.

This is actually an outfit I wore last Friday-day, and apologies for the slightly worse for wear photos, I believe I was rushing around or something or other; but anyhoo, who can't love a sheer blouse/shirt? I believe I have a slight addiction/growing collection, but I not biased...

I also have a few new buys to share, at a wee later date; I had my hair chop last week, and my tradition always is to have a good look around the charity shops in the area. There's lots, so I came away with some lovely purchases:)

I also have a growing want of a dream catcher; and a dream catcher form of jewellery. I think they're pretty darn cool.



  1. Cute outfit! And I love the inspiration photos too!
    great post :)

  2. The sheer top looks great layered like that! Nice inspiration pics too :) x

  3. Love the contrast of this. Thanks for the comment :).

    Helen, X

  4. love the sheer over the stripes, perfect!

  5. love the skirt

  6. Love the outfits!! You look great in stripes!! I can't seem to get enough stripes in my outfits lately!!


  7. love yoru outfit!! so cute :)

  8. perfect outfit! love your blog xo