Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Via- WeHeartIt.

A quick update due to lack of blogging etc.
I have spent the last few days off college, lounging around in my favourite jumpers and such, sleeping most of the days, drinking several cups of tea and watching favourite films like 500 days of summer.
The perfect way to relax and pass a few days one would think? Except illness and headaches added in the mix makes it a wee bit less than lovely.

Anyhoo, I am determined to be better by Saturday, as it is my birthday!

For now though, fruit tea and Sex and the City and more sleep;




  1. I love the images! Oversized sweaters are my favorite!

  2. Oh no! I do hope you are feeling a little more peachy come Saturday as I will be seeing you at the raggalds :)
    Get well soon! xx

  3. I hope you're feeling better! Can't wait for Sat haha :) x

  4. wonderful blog ! :D

    and i hope you feeling better ! ♥