Tuesday, 8 March 2011

We Fly Balloons On This Fuel Called Love.

Sheer Shirt-H&M,Skirt-Zara, Boots-UO, Necklace-Topshop Rings&Bracelets-Topshop/Thrifted/Gifted, Bag,Bag Scarf&Scarfless-Vintage.

Promptly reminded of how much I have missed listening to Foals, by a friend sending a link to another on my new feed, they have remained prominently on my ipod throughout today. I have seen them three(?) times now, and each just as amazing as the other, definitely take a listen if you haven't, and they go very well whilst eating Calippo ice lollies, in preperation for summer of course.

On another note, last Friday, me and Philippa took our weekly trip the sandwich shop, I swear the women fully knows us now, predictable as we are. Tuna mayo for me, then a box of pineapple and magazine from Sainsburys across the road, tuna mayo and Flapjack for her. I'm pretty sure each week we enter she has a sly smile, which is pretty funny.
Anyway, debating between two magazines, knowing perfectly well I would only purchase the other at a later date, Glamour won me over. The free lipstick. Clinique. I know, things like this shouldn't, and we even went halfway through the Glamour magazine pile, searching for the one with the lipstick; lipgloss doesn't have the same effect on me.
On this occasion, the promotional aspect has me wrapped around it's little finger. The lipstick, is fast becoming a favourite, in 'Rosette.' I love it, simple enough for everyday use, yet enough to create a flash of colour on my palette.
I sound pretty sad, but hey(!) I like what I like.

Apparently I cannot stop wearing this skirt at the moment, teamed with this black sheer shirt, it seemed quite dull, a scheme seemingly attractive recently; but adding my trusty 'scarfless,' a scarf with a clasp at the back, brightens the whole thing up. I love the watercolour print effect it has, and am so happy I snapped it up when I did.

Finally, I have recently discovered 'Shopalike,' a clothing site, which pretty much has something for everyone. A range of clothes, prices and styles; I've already found a few items for my wishlist; do take a look.



  1. Oh I love that outfit! And I also own the necklace. And have a weekly trip to MacDonalds with a friends, whilst the staff may not recognise us there is a man who seems to follow us into costa afterwards... ahaha x

  2. Love the scarfless, catchy name :P I've been after a skirt like that for a while, may have to see if my bank will let me get it this weekend.
    Ah I got the liquid face wash in my Glamour, couldn't find the lipstick anywhere!

    Jess xx

  3. love your scarf girl!!



  4. You are absolutely stunning! Oh my goodness, I can't get over how beautiful of a face you have... Not to mention your outfit is just darling. Your water color scarf is so beautiful!

    Thank you ever so much for dropping by my blog! I can't tell you how much I appreciate it :)

  5. wow your super pretty! I love the scarf it brightens your outfit and your hair is amazing too :D:D:D


  6. lovely outfit!!thank you for following!!
    follow you back!

  7. pretty scarf! did you mean the free lipstick is from the magazine??


  8. lovely outfit :) and wow free lipstick! i have yet to see a magazine here in france offering that! have a great day!

    love, M