Thursday, 31 March 2011

To Love Or To Not.

-Via WeHeartIt.

Animal print.
I have always been on edge in this particular battle. Although I can say with some meaning that I love it in these images. Leopard print has always seemed to question my taste when shopping, despite the fact that I now wear my leopard kimono thing like there's no tomorrow; proof my opinions are definitely shifting.
I find smaller flashes of print uplift an outfit more than the whole way, and I particularly love the cross on the back of the cardi above. I may even DIY. Watch this space.
Except snakeskin/print is this seasons animal du jour.
I actually recently acquired a skinny snakeskin belt; not a huge nod towards the animal print, but a nod non the less. I'm sure it shall crop up sometime soon.

I am feeling quite a lot better now, thanks for any comments before; I'm sure I shall be on fine form for my birthday. Expect photos and hopefully a new outfit! The dress I had ordered decided not to fit properly. But, all is not lost; me and friends are a-shopping in Leeds on Saturday-day, and a vintage fair happening at the same time is almost like fate.
I cannot wait!
I feel as if my lack of energy/social/chatty-ness from the whole week is about to explode.



  1. I love your photos, thanks for sharing.

    Hope you had fun shopping at the vintage fair. :)

    The Cat Hag

  2. last outfit is hotttttttt, great photo selection!

  3. so inspirational photos! love them all!
    great post!