Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Jewellery, Gifts & Vogue, oh my.

-Dress, Thrifted -Cardi, Primark -Espadrilles, Schuh -Belt, Zara.

-Portuguese Vogue and my new ring!
-Necklace, French market.

It is fair to say my collections of vogue are growing. I have several British, I also class them as research and inspirations for my work, plus hey, who can resist? I bought a French version from my recent travels, also for my friend Laura, and today when we met after her jollies, I have acquired a Portuguese version! I love too many things.
Also my new ring, another gift from a market in Portugal, really great:)

A simple nothingness day, started project work at last! As part of my research I am looking at "the evolution of fashion" so to follow this through, I am going to post various points and finds as I go.



  1. Waay :) You better appreciate that ring y'know. That 1 Euro I'm never getting back...


  2. N'aww, I love it thanksyou, foreign markets are so much better than ours, or at least round here! X

  3. im in love with your dress! so cute, love your blog