Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The Beginning.

So, after many weeks of saying "Yes I am going to make a blog" to myself, this is it. I actually have! Also several weeks of friend and fellow blogger of romance is boring, (take a look, she's pretty good ) this is it.
I promise to keep up to date as best I can, and I mean it. I hope to share with you things I love, my opinions etc particulary in fashion, art and music. Plus a wee bit of photography.

So, in short, I'm Nicola, currently in college, although(!) I am free due to summer, therefore spending more time blogging:) I have always loved art (I may have said this) but since gong to college and studying textiles, found a growing love for fashion, actually putting pen to paper and sketching my designs.

Anyway, 'Golden Indigo' was (thankfully) an unused blog name, and after trawling through my brain trying to think of a name, the song Miami came on by one of my favourite bands Foals. The words Golden Indigo jumped out at me, and then there it is. I promise, it isnt meant to sound a cheesy story.
So thanks, and here, take a listen


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