Saturday, 21 August 2010

Fashion Beauty.

The fashion show was great. Had a really good time, managed to pick up a few bits, I'll post pictures sometime of my goodies:)
All the designers and collections shown were really inspiring, and made me realise how much I would love a part of something!
Here's a few photos, sorry about the bright lights(although those will be going in my art!)

More pictures on my facebook, (Nicola Stephens) if you wish:) 

Pre show/results. -Denim shorts & scarf, vintage -Top(mens and cut DIY!), bag & waistcoat thing, Primark -Boots, Topshop

After the show, -trousers, belt & vest, Zara -Bag, Topshop -Scarf(on bag) & bracelet, Vintage -Shoes, Primark.

Oh and PS, I got my results, quite chuffed/suprised, yet still a lot of work to do next year to get on the course I want at uni!
Art - B
Textiles - C
Drama - C
English Language - B


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