Monday, 16 August 2010

Simplicity at it's Best.

On our walk, Above -Dress and sunnies, Primark -Bag and belt, vintage -Shoes RI.
Below -Andy, and some sunnies found on our travels :)

As I took my camera along with me, I tried to take some photos to go towards my new projects. I am trying to capture various forms of light for one, and ddelicacy of some structures for another. Hence the spider web, I am not a fan.

Today, squinting(actually squinting!) from the sunlight -shorts, DP -Vest, Zara

These past couple of days have been sunshine glorious-ness at the best. Considering West Yorkshire and all that.
Yesterday me and my friend Andy went for a walk to soak up the sun instead of 'hitting the gym,' although ending up at a barbeque does kind of defeat that objective, it was great. I honestly felt I was down south with my family who live in Essex, the peaceful area, sunshine, total relaxation.
Today consisted of lazing in the garden, homemade ice lollies and general nothingness, which in my opinion is a simple, yet great life.


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