Saturday, 2 April 2011

Le Sheer Maxi.

-Sheer Maxi-Ark, Cropped Top-H&M, Belt-Zara, Clutch-Vintage, Boots-UO, Jewellery-Various.
Others- via WeHeartIt

Just a quick post today, as I am about to dash off to Leeds, Vintage/Record fairs awaiting/it is my 18th birthday! I am far too excited for words, like a child at Christmas probably.
Me and my friend Philippa (also her birthday today,) are having a party tonight, so shall hopefully see lots of lovely people and listen to friend Andys DJing all night.

This is what I wore last night anyhoo, me and the fam/family friends etc went for a lovely birthday meal, and I got slightly very embarrassed when I was presented with chocolate cake, a candle and a singing restaurant. I have been eyeing sheer maxi skirts since ages, so I was delighted when I eventually snapped this up, although you cannae see too good on these photos..

Hope everyone has a great weekend!



  1. Happy birthday! Now get to mine so we can go shopping ;) x

  2. Happy birthday! You look absolutely gorgeous. Your outfit is RIGHT up my alley! <3

    Be sure to take lots of pictures of your day today!

  3. Happy 18th!
    Your skirt is flawless (: