Monday, 11 April 2011

Hide Your Lovers Underneath The Covers.

-Blazer-H&M, Top-River Island, Black Skinnies Rolled up-F&F, Loafers-New Look, Bracelets/Necklace-Gifted, Scarf-Vintage, Rings-Next/Gifted/Thrifted, Earrings-UO.
-Others via Weheartit.

I am now pretty sure I have SAD. Seasonal Affective Disorder.
It began as a joke, with Laura et al making fun; but after an absolutely gorgeous week/end, weather wise (I realise another Brit talking weather does get rather repetitive; but living in West Yorkshire, the exclamation should rightfully arise.)
I have been v.happy, despite the thought of looming deadlines and mountains of work etc. Although, I think to some extent everyone has SAD. Notably, moods are distinctly lower when miserable weather surrounds; and Saturday, while at work, I noticed the happy moods of everyone.
Dropping everything, reaching for the suncream and donning flip flops, for a trip to town to buy new sandals; the sun has everyone wrapped around it's little finger. And working in a shoe shop, the number of sandal/wedges/flip flops yesterday was astronomical.
The sun is an instant mood elevator!

Anyway; we had our first barbecue of the year on Friday; including driving up to Tesco after college, buying meat, bread and cider. And the barbie actually worked; a revelation in comparison to past years.
Yesterday we going to Andy's as it's his birthday today. A gathering of some lovely people, the outdoors and his kitchen that had turned into "an all you can eat buffet" was fun.

The outfit above is from today, a morning of college and now an afternoon/evening of some more Arcade Fire, English essays, paintings, dress making and a singing lesson.

Happy days to all:)



  1. how cute is this post - ur adorable and all the pics to complete the post - LOVE it - and ur lil jokes - TOO cute!

  2. Apparently the SAD thing has something to do with seratonin (?) anyway, I agree, the weather makes us all feel particularly happy/sad, its definitely a British thing! I also LOVE your outfit, its really quite cute!
    P.S. this is Lyndsey, I just changed blogs as les memoires was becoming monotonous aha

  3. Love this outfit and all those photos!!
    and yes...haha...I get SAD too XD

  4. You are seriously one of my favorite bloggers. Every outfit is impeccable!

    I understand what you're saying about SAD. I think it affects most people to some extent! I'm really bad in the fall...I'm so glad we're moving past that now and on to better--and brighter--times.

  5. Loafers! <3

    I wish I could find some nice ones, alas all male loafers look like something my grandad owns...and not in a cool way :/

  6. hahaha
    i have never came across that word but its the perfect phrase to describe my feelings of summer gone by!

    lovely photo set!


  7. I love the outfit, especially the length of the jeans. I used to think I had SAD, so I'm really glad the weather's getting better now :)
    Hope you had a good time at the birthday!

    Jess xx