Thursday, 21 April 2011

Talk Of Travel.

-Blouse-Thrifted, Skirt/Belt-Zara, Scarf-Vintage, Dream Catcher-H&M, Necklace/Bracelets-Gifted, Loafers-NewLook, Bag-Gifted/Next.
-Final Four-Via Weheartit.

Two weeks off college could not have come at a better time. My mad/crazy-ness had just about set in, although after the last few days last week of non-stop working/working lunches and long nights, I feel a million times better to have reached and ended a couple of deadlines.
I also have another interview for an art college, so fingers crossed!

To celebrate these long awaited holidays last Friday, me and Andy went to a couple of pubs and the like, then ended up meeting Joe and James and watching a local band. Turned out to be quite a lovely night, especially our talks of travel; hence the title of post.
I know I was saying this a few posts ago, but I would love to. A life-dream, or whatever they say?
Anyway, we were saying how good dropping everything and simply getting the train to London would be. Then ideas became bigger, dreaming of going to New York, and around the world.

This outfit is from the other day, before hop, skipped and jumped to Jess' for a lovely night of Chinese and chat with t'others. I love the simplicity of it, and is perfect for the amazing sunshine we've had the past few days.

Sorry for not posting a while, I have simply not neared my computer, although I think now my withdrawal symptoms from eBay are in overdrive; I keep finding too many nice things.

Anyways. I am absolutely looking forward to the rest of these holidays. 
After hearing that it is meant to be a 'barbeque Easter,' I am anticipating to have at least one more.
Heading south/Essex bound for Easter weekend, for a good ol' big family gathering etc.
Also a good catch up with some friends, as it feels like forever since I have seen some.
Tomorrow we are hitting the road as they say, for our very first road trip.
Some sort of picnic-y/sun/day, but should be nicee.

Happy Holidays!



  1. lovely outfit!!!

  2. you're absolutely beautiful and i love the thought of just dropping everything and travelling the world. dream of it all the time actually.... hope you've had a lovely easter! x

  3. Love the colours in the scarf.