Sunday, 16 January 2011

And All The World Has Come To See The End.


Finally, back to my blog. I have been feeling rather deprived, if I'm honest, but this week has just been a little crazy/so have I, most probably.
Things have happened etcetc, also the usual workload, I'm now working up to my near final deadline of both my first art and textiles projects, and balancing them both is rather tricky at times. Plus there's the ol' English exam nest week. Hmm..
So yeah, I am sorry, and thankyou to any new followers I have gained, I'm so grateful!
Anyway, this is an image I was going to post earlier in the week, as a quick note/update, but then my computer died and saved it as a draft.
I love this image, and I'm not even sure how to say why? If that makes sense..

So, today I decided to stop rambling and show you some of my sale buys! (At last!)

And also what I wore last night, which kind of ties in anyway. Me avec the fam wined and dined at a new restaurant, in the celebration of my Dad's birthday, although due to nasty accidents, some couldn't make it. I hope they are better soon, and sorry for rambling but, you know. We were planning our next venture there, whilst eating, ensuring that hopefully they will be next time:)

-Sale buys!
-Dress-UO, Stole-Next, Boots-UO
-Shirt/Suede Vest-Next, Wedges-Topshop.

My outfit from last night. I decided to style the dress with a cropped jumper over the top and tights, as it was rather chilly in this weather!
-Jumper+Necklaces+Jacket-Thrifted, Scarf+Belt-Vintage.

Sorry for the slight overload of this post, but it's been a wee while!
Hope all is well with everyone:)



  1. thanks so much for your sweet comment ;) of course I can wear the shoes I posted on my blog ;)
    I DIYed them for wearing them ,)

  2. Aw, thank you so much! xxx

  3. the shirt in suede looks amazing!
    xoxo, E.