Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Take Silk.

1-4 - Me
5,6 & 7-Whistles.

So in continuation of my weekly 'Inspire' post, I figured this weeks had to be dedicated to the silk shirt. Partly inspired by an article in Januarys Vogue, and various collections that have caught my eye, and then again kick started and suddenly remembered when throwing on my outfit yesterday. (I shall post tomorrow.)

I have come to discover, Along with blouses, Shirts are a staple of my wardrobe. I Hardly ever pick anything else up in a morning, maybe due to the sheer amount in comparison to anything else in my wardrobe, I merely tend to live in them.
And then, silk. A step further.

Anything silk or chiffon has my attention with a snap.

Simplicity and minimalism, a key trend I cannot help but to lean towards, hosts the silk shirt perfectly under its wing. Again, to my sheer delight.
Directing to another point; a slightly sheer shirt, modestly worn tucked in or out can create such a sleek, chic silhouette;

one cannot resist.



  1. I have been so into silk blouses lately! I have found so many lovely ones thrifting but I totally love Equipment blouses!


  2. Aww, I want a sheer blouse so desperately, but I have such an expensive year ahead I'm reigning in my spending... may have to make this an exception!

  3. I love silk button downs. They are so romantic and sexy!

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  4. Thank you for such a kind comment!

    I know exactly what you mean about the shirts! Especially peach and warm tone ones! I love the ones from Vogue and the white button down!


  5. i'm loving these as well...although i'm having a hard time finding them here.

  6. Got this issue of VOGUE and managed to persuade my friend to invest in a silk shirt ;)

  7. i love silk blouses! im trying to look for one

    F. ( x

  8. I love silk shirts! I have a few coloured ones but dont own a sheer white one yet.

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  9. i love silk, this make it so sweet and sexy x