Sunday, 13 February 2011

A Vogue Hunt.

-First Outfit-Sat- Trousers/Belt-Zara, Top-Next, Kimono Shrug-F&F, Shoes-Vintage/Gifted ;
-Second Outfit-Today- Jumper-Topshop, Jeans/Vest-Primark, Shoes-JonesTheBootMaker, Scarf-Thrift, Jewellery-Various.

Sorry for the slightly picture heavy post, but thought I'd share.

I'm currently scouring the internet for old Vogue magazines, in the name of English coursework. I'm planning to compare the writing of a past edition to a current one; and that's English language for you, very analytical, almost too much so.

Yesterday, I took advantage of my working today instead, and went to a new local second hand boutique-thing, which is only open the exact hours i usually work, so how could I not? I came away with a lovely shirty thing and cute silk top; I shall show sometime!
I also drove around, from shop to shop in the search of the perfect wallpaper and paint, as I am redecorating in half term(!) and came away with several tester pots and samples. I love interior design.

Today I worked, but as it was pretty quiet, the weather turned miserable all over again, so I hauled along my camera, tripod and such, and took some snaps. Some for art work, (the question is 'collections of everyday objects' in which I plan to link to identity; so shoes(!) of course.) some hand made hair slides, and some of the furniture pieces. I may be a little sad, but yano.
The detail on some pieces, the painted table being a favourite, and the almost wire shaped table legs on others. The edges of a mirror are up there too, I just love it.

I also managed to get some outdoor shots for yesterdays outfit! Although the sun had just decided to go away the minute I stepped outside.
And sorry for the slightly 'organised chaos' background of the second. The delights of the back room in the shop.

Anyhoo, time to catch up on work/BAFTAs; more glitz and glam, I'm sure!



  1. Love the outfit!!

    Sadie x

  2. Love the 2nd outfit, the colour of the jumper is gorgeous xx

  3. Loveeee the Zara trousers! :D

  4. Lovely blog! The first picture is amaizng!

    The Flower Girl

  5. Thanks for your sweet comment! xx

  6. wow, you look so beautiful :)))