Sunday, 27 February 2011

Minimal + Animal.

-Jacket/Top/Necklace-Thrifted, Kimono-F&F, Skirt/Belt-Zara, Boots/Earrings-UO.

On the balancing scales of Minimalism verses Maximalism, I have always seemed to sway the minimalist way. (No cheese intended there.)

I love the simple designs, yet concentrated views of the fabrics, structures and shapes. Adding interest through elements such as stitching, or buckles in this case, each still seems new and unique.
Which is why I love MaxMara's new collection. Although autumn-winter 2011/2012, which seems oh so far away, when I am still highly intent upon the upcoming summer, the neutral colours and complete mix of materials, textures and shapes had my eye within one click of my computer.

Slightly late on all fashion week happenings on my blog, I figured a way to show various inspirations is via my own outfits. This is actually what I wore for my interview the other day; as having a few nothingness nights with friends etc I have surprisingly stayed away from my computer for a few days. Which has also stopped me making any irrelevant purchases on ebay(!)

I had chosen a minimal look, simple blouse and skirt, yet adding my fast becoming go-to piece, the kimono over the top and feather earrings added a slightly more 'arty, colourful feel,' given the interview was at art an college.
The sun was also shining on this particular day, and a wander around Leeds after came to my advantage when I stumbled across a great purchase, which I shall post tomorrow.
Now is last minute work before starting college again after a holiday.



  1. sweet Blog ♥

    hugh serah

  2. I LOVE the animal print jacket, it's so cute :) I love prints like it, but think some things can be a bit too much- however, this is gorgeous xx

  3. I absolutely love how you have put this outfit together! You are so gorgeous.

  4. cute look! loving that animal print :)

  5. I love your style! And I haven't seen Max Mara's collection until now! It's something I would wear everyday! xoxoxoo