Friday, 11 February 2011

Taking It's Toll.

-Leather Trousers-Topshop, Blouse-Primark, Kimono thing-F&F, Boots-UO, Jewellery-Various.

After eventually arriving home at a late time Wednesday night, they cancelled our train, so we were stuck between carriages for the majority of the journey, (I had my feet up on my suitcase and everything.) Apparently my body/head decided to fall ill and rather migraine-y; hence the lack of update, or post of any kind.
I am feeling slightly better now, after taking a couple of days off and sleeping.

So these photos are from last Sunday, a meal with the 'extended family-ish' in celebration of a friends birthday. It was pretty nice to see people, and without rambling in some ways, I realised of how lucky I am to have people. After one of them having an accident, he is pretty much the luckiest man ever. I don't particularly wish to bore you's, but I felt I should say something.
Something to think about I guess;

Have a lovely weekend, and hopes I shall be back to my usual slightly crazy self soon:)



  1. Love the "kimono thing". Glad u r resting up!

  2. Amazing look dear! You look stunning! <3

  3. Love the shawl :). Hope your interview went okay missy, and your migraine's gone.

    How's Gareth's dad atm by the way? I was so shocked when I found out! x

  4. I love this outfit, you look so stunning in it!
    xoxo, E.

  5. beautiful photos, love the blouse!