Thursday, 3 February 2011

Every Single One Of Us Is Twisted By Design.

-Via Zara.

Today when checking my emails for the I don't know-nth time, (do you ever find that you incessantly check your emails, despite knowing that most likely nothing has changed in the past few hours?) I stumbled across a delightful peek at the new Zara SS11 campaign.

The silhouettes of each perfectly crisp item and outfit are definitely the sleek, chic staples of Zara we know and love.
With the indefinite colour popping-blocking-trend stealing much of the limelight this season, brights were anticipated, but not being the biggest fan of this as such; although hand me an orange/rust shirt, and I wouldn't say no; (stay tuned for tomorrows post) I was happy to see the continuation of various classic colours, the tan leather skirt and white shirt combination being quite a favourite.

Zara, one of my favourite high street shops has, in my opinion, not disappointed, and I'm pretty sure the minute I set foot into a shop, my arms will be ladled with hangers of items I " simply cannot help but try."

And I just love the child's outfit. And the loafers; I wonder if they'd come in my size?



  1. ... You know children's shoes will fit you :). We need to save up and raid Zara with Danny x

  2. Pretty amazing <3 Especially the oversized blazer! Why isn't Zara's menswear this amazing!? :/

  3. I'm liking the colour blocking and minimalism combined in these looks. Zara does get it don't they?

  4. cool colorous and simple pises good!

  5. Ooh Zara, I spy some deffinate wardrobe staples in there, it makes me want to rush out and start shopping now, tehe.


  6. I was actually quite disappointed with this collection, Zara normally get it spot on, but these pieces just aren't as good.