Wednesday, 16 February 2011



-Trafalgar Square.

-The V&A.

-The Fashion & Textiles Museum.

-All me, except final two-Weheartit.

As last week I missed the 'inspire' post, due to being in London, this week I thought I'd share some snaps from the trip. Although only being there two days, including the lovely three hour train, we managed to fit in quite a lot, and make the most; as one must.

Upon arrival at about two on the Tuesday, we went to the V&A, which was really good, and a couple of costumes/Kylie's theatre dressing table(?) or something are photos above.
Yet turns out it wasn't my most lucky day, as they've now closed the fashion section, for a two year renovation. I'm sure it'll be great when done though.
We then hit Oxford Street, I did purchase a couple of new items(!) I had saved my wage the past weeks in anticipation, so I think that balances it slightly..
Wednesday, was of course the interview, but then we went to the Fashion and Textile Museum which was this massively bright coloured building, pretty cool really. Although I didn't take a photo, there are a couple of snaps of some of the exhibitions, the printed silk scarves and printed shoes. Also the little black dress poster was on the wall there. I kind of love it, and it's quirky style, so hey why not!
Finally, Convent Garden, some new boots, (sale, about a third of the original price!) and a general wander around.

Considering my life isn't exactly slow paced here, I love the rush of London. I feel I could live there and be happy; maybe one day!



  1. You took some lovely pictures in London! I don't think I could live that fast-paced life in London or any big city. But I know that for some people it's just the best thing! Hopefully you'll reach your goal. =)

    Kate x

  2. I love that photo of you, so cute! these are some amazing shots, london looks awesome :) the museum sounds fun too!


  3. Love the pics of the V&A exhibit, I really wanted to see it but didnt get the time when we were in London x

  4. Looks amazing! I want to go to London so bad. It looks fantastic, and I think I could keep up with the fast pace of things, although maybe not for an extended period of time. Your outfit rocks, by the way!

  5. I love you pictures of London, even though I live here the city never fails to excite me! I love the V&A and saw this theatre exhibition a few weeks ago, Kylie's dressing room was amazing, so many wonderful clothes!!!

  6. *envy* My dream is to go to London lol. Loved your outfit.

  7. Ahhh i wish i could visit London soon, seems like the city to be in!

  8. Really like your shoes! Sounds like you had a lovely time. I live in Sheffield at the moment and definitly miss the pace of London but it makes me appreciate it more everytime I'm down xxx

  9. oh wow, amazing museum!! too bad it wasn't all open to public :) I'd LOVE to go to London again, I love the city so much!

    thanks for your comment :)

  10. love the stripes and leather combo!