Monday, 28 February 2011

Suede Dresses & Turquoise Rings.

-Faux Suede Dress/Turquoise Ring-H&M, Scarf-Zara, Necklace-Thrift, Sheoboots-JonesTheBootmaker.
-Others via Google.

So I stumbled across this lovely, yet simple dress on my travels, and fell instantly. Having another dress from H&M in my bag all ready to return, (Sadly it just didn't suit,) I didn't have to actually buy it(?) A  quick exchange made sure of no guilt handing over my bank card. These photos are actually from last Friday, a night in with the usuals, eating lemon cake and wine.
The ring is a bonus to this outfit, and adds a lovely flash of colour, just a hint of Spring on the way sort of.

I don't have anything particular to report from this day, me and friend Poppy spent an English hour  talking art/fashion/uni/college choices, our ability of indecisiveness in such choices, Vogue and the galaxy collection from Mr Christopher Kane. A very lovely printed, sheer, leather mixture in which sadly cannae afford, but will continually love. Alexa Chung wore one of my favourite pieces for the NME awards the other week. Oh to have around £900 spare..



  1. Aaaaaah how I am in love with those CK dresses.
    Yours is great as well,love the color.

  2. I squealed a little when I saw what she was wearing... I'm pretty sure I'd give anything to own something from this collection...
    You forgot to mention the kickass game of Monopoly ;) x

  3. That dress is lovely on you, the colour really suits you :)
    I love that dress Alexa's wearing, I'll be pining after that for a good while now since I am not rich!

    Jess xx

  4. Get some work done ya lazybum ;). The installation piece is for me art exam; "everyday objects" and all that... have you decided what you're doing yet? x

  5. Oh I absolutely adore that christopher kane collection, his prints are so inspiring!
    I spotted one of his galaxy print tees on for £205 and I think my heart broke just a little bit... tehe.

    Hope you have a lovely week!

  6. you look lovely with that dress on, lemon cake and wine sounds delicious! I also loved the galaxy print alexa wore but I'm not sure if I would wear it myself!
    pd: btw, we all know it's hard to decide..

  7. Love your outfit--as always. I'm really liking your hairstyle in these photos!

    Those galaxy print dresses are to die for (although I suppose they aren't the most versatile...which makes me like them a little bit less). We can dream, right?

  8. i love these dresses!!!
    wish I can have one!!