Saturday, 19 February 2011

Casual Comforts.

-Jacket-H&M, Skirt/Belt-Zara, Top-Topshop/gifted, Shoes-JonesTheBootMaker, Earrings-UO Other Jewellery-Various
Final two-Weheartit.

Well, you couldn't really get any more contrasting, mind changing weather this week. I know, another Brit/Yorkshire-ian talking weather but hey.
When I took these photos earlier this week, the sun was out, and I truly believed, foolishly, that it should be Spring. But today, the snow fell.
My day began by my driving teacher ringing and waking me up; you know when you first talk to someone in the morning and your voice is all croaky and absolutely cannot be bothered to move? He told me to look outside, and the famous 'white sheet' ensured my driving test to be cancelled for the third time.
I cannot begin to say how annoyed/gutted/whatever I felt.

So in the spirit of not working today, but later in the week, I had one of those great lazy days. Having broken up from college for a week; despite having a huge pile of work; the guilt of nothingness was totally unapparent. And it felt great. I've watched endless TV, internet window shopped(?) and wandered around the house listening and singing along loudly to favourite various tracks in my favourite oversized vintage cardi, drinking a million teas and coffees and catching up with friends.
Ahh the life of no money, yet a day off work, so no need to go out and endure the cold.

Happy long-awaited weekend;



  1. Great outfit! That jacket is amazing and the I love how you put everything together!


  2. love this outfit, your skirt is so cute! :) the last two photos are soooooo pretty :)

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  3. nice skirt!! and your jacket is way too great! i love the details on the shoulders!:)
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  4. Adorable outfit! I love the jacket.

  5. adorable outfit! love the army jacket and the skirt. have a great day :)


  6. Loved loved the jacket is so cool! Also that last picture is beyond cute!

  7. Lovely outfit - I really adore your shoes! :) x

  8. i do quite like your skirt!, very much so.
    you look lovely dear.

  9. I love your outfit, especially the little jacket!

  10. Hey there thanks for following ;)
    I love your shoes and lovely photography!

  11. I love the jacket! cute outfit

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