Wednesday, 2 February 2011


-Via WeHeartIt.

I love the whole 'messy chic' look when it comes to hair. No longer are we expected to have perfectly groomed locks, slicked away from our faces, (okay that's kind of way back, but you know.) And minus the dance thing, then it's pretty obligatory apparently.

I don't think I'd keep up if I'm honest.

Topknots are becoming a major thing as well as fishtail plaits. Which I would love to learn how to do; although I don't think my hair is quite, or anywhere near, long enough.

A conversation with some friends the other day, one of whom has naturally red hair, was saying of how she always used to get stick for it when younger. I mean, I know people will always pick out some people, and stereotype, it's what happens. Yet now people dye their hair every colour ever, pretty much-ish.
And that's not meant to sound bordering lecture territory; my point is I love red hair. Although I don't think I could ever pull it off, I really like it.
I recently ombred a friends hair too, and it turned out really well. I think that would suit me better than a full colour, one day.
For now I'm happy with my 'coppery tones,' and many a hair clip.

Kind of pointless, but hey.


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