Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Summer Divine.

-Via FashionGoneRogue.
As we delve fully into the spring season, Australian photographer Brooke Coffey offers a story of bohemian beauty for her latest work. Starring Josefine of Elite, stylist Lindsay Grosswendt pairs lightweight billowing skirts with heavy sweaters for the languid outdoor shoot titled, These Days.

Fully aware that I am now constantly contradicting my former thoughts, around last September to be precise; I cannot wait until Spring/Summer. Once again between seasons, I lust over sheer, floaty materials, espadrilles, sunglasses and shorts, all unrestricted by piles of coats, jackets and tights. Although I love the 'layered look,' please, don't get me wrong, observing these photos, and staring out the window, I cannot help but be slightly wishful and wistful.

The carefree attitude and atmosphere is one I wish of for the summer holidays, spending last days of complete freedom until I enter the 'big wide world.'
And everyone is always happier on a sunny day.



  1. I think I've come over all hysterical... I wore my sunnies and sandals inside today to feel a little more summery haha x

  2. just came across your blog and i love it :) what fabulous pictures! cant wait to see what you have next!

  3. all of these photos are amazing...but the first one literally took my breath away! so gorgeous :) I canNOT wait for spring!


  4. Great inspiration.
    Esp I adore the first check maxi.

    *sayablack from TOKYO*

  5. Lovely photos, I really like the colour of the dress in the last one. :)

  6. Beautiful photos!! I can't wait for the warmth of summer!