Monday, 7 February 2011

Set Fire To The Rain.

-Dress/Necklace-Thrifted, Shirt-Next, Shoes-Russo, Belt-Zara ;
4/5 via Weheartit.

I'm getting a wee bit nervous about my interview now, if I'm honest. Pretty much most of the time I can never get my words out, (I don't know why; but phrases like "I know what I mean" have become regular occurrences, which my friends love to imitate!)
 I'm suspecting I won't have any time/my laptop in order to post the next couple of days, so yano.

I found this dress a few weeks ago now, a mere £1! I love the earthy tones and pattern it has, and is pretty different to anything I currently have in my wardrobe; and such a bargain!
It also appears I have huge arms, (and a Statue of Liberty-esq appearance; I think thats the camera angle) but it's just the billowy(?) sleeves, another aspect I love.

Today is/has just been a morning at college, last minute preparations etc, continuously drinking copious amounts of fruit tea and listening to Adele's new album. I'm so in love with her voice.



  1. I'm sure you'll do wonderfully in your interview, its for art if I remember previous posts right? Just stay relaxed and it'll shine through that you're a really artsy person. Good luck!


  2. Beautiful!

  3. Where the hell did you get that for £1?! Hope everything goes well... I'm getting really nervous now! :) x

  4. wow, such a cheap dress, but it looks amaaaazing on you! very flattering :) good luck on the interview!

  5. Lovely dress. You're right about the print and sleeves. Such a bargain.
    All the best at the interview. Hope things go swell for you!

  6. hope the interview went well!

  7. £1 for that dress?? Total bargain!! Well done! Good luck on the interview!!

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